Acceptable Use Policy

As we do not encourage or tolerate any forms of plagiarism, copyright violations and academic dishonesty, we have developed our Acceptable Use Policy (the “Policy”) in order to outline proper and ethical use of writing services and outcome products you receive through this website.

This Policy constitutes an integral part of our Terms and Conditions and applies to your use of this website. Please read our Policy carefully. If you do not agree to the terms of this Policy, please do not access or use this website.


All the written materials or products that you get as the outcome of the writing services (the “Outcome”) are provided to you for personal research and reference purposes only. Any Outcome is deemed to be a model answer or sample and is not supposed to be submitted to any academic institution as your own work. In case a portion from the Outcome is used by you in your own work, it must be cited properly.


The Outcome you get is aimed to expand your knowledge and show the basics of the topic and indicative plan you might opt to follow to make your own work. You may use the Outcome in order to:

  • Get extra resource to study the topic you are working on.
  • Shape your own ideas, views, arguments and thoughts in order to produce your work.
  • Compareit against your own work.
  • Understand the crucial points of the topic outlined by the writer to focus your own work around them.
  • Structure your own work.
  • Verify that your own work complies with academic requirements.


  • In no way you should claim authorship or ownership to the Outcome. You are not assigned any copyright to the Outcome.
  • You are not allowed to submit the Outcome or its substantial part to any educational institution as your own or under your name. Proper citation is required if a piece from the Outcome is used by you in your own work.
  • You should not reproduce, modify, distribute, or display the Outcome in any way on the internet or in the form of a hard copy exceeding a reasonable limit necessary for personal use.
  • No use is permitted other than for personal research and reference purposes only.

Using the Outcome contrary to this Policy will lead to violation of our Terms and Conditions and result in immediate suspending our services to you.

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