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5 Basic Rules Of Trading Newbie Need To "Memorize" 

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If you are a newbie to the game, not enough battle experience, the following important trading rules note may be useful.

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Limit losses

You know the Stop Loss command. If you’re new to trade, you probably hate this command, as it cuts off your command. Especially the case of price hit stop loss and then straight up in the direction of expectations, very uncomfortable. But do not stop loss, because this is what holds you in the market. The market is a constant, unpredictable. In fact, no trader (even a high player) can accurately predict what will happen next on the chart. Because the market simplicity is random. The possibility of loss, account burning always waiting. Cut your losses early when possible!To

Do not trade with money can not lose

Trading is a source of income, not everything. If you do not have enough experience, you should not put all eggs in this trading basket. And of course, the more you do not load into your financial account you can not lose. For example, but monthly living expenses, basic costs. Because unfortunately because of a mistake (that newbie is very easy to do) led to account gone, then you will lose, do not let that happens

Understand the strategy and master it before the war

Demo is one of the most important tools for traders. Especially when you are in the process of getting acquainted with the candlestick chart, do not rush to use real money to challenge the risk to the market. Please trade with demo, as much as possible. Also, do not think that some of the original fragrances are good, but I think the market is easy to eat. Let’s play with a demo long enough to get the real results before jumping into the war.

Patience is gold

Trading is looking for opportunities on the order. Opportunities are never available. We have to find. As the gold plowers plow the big beak just to get some gold husks. The market too, most of it passed before your eyes boring, waiting patiently, analysis is sure. When the opportunity goes, be “cool” down the hand decisively. ToDiscipline is diamondIn trading, discipline is the backbone.

There is no other discipline you are gambling with the market. And even casino players are disciplined. Discipline is very important, it keeps you going in the right direction that you originally planned. Because in the process of trading, emotions will attack in a rush and if you do not hold the discipline you will quickly fall and become a delicious bait to the market again. Happy Trading

03 December 2019

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