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A Different Perspective On The World

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The location that I have chosen for this experiment might seem quite banal. But in my opinion, one of the central city streets is a place where you’re simultaneously in front of everyone and at the same time hidden from everyone. No one is watching you because most of the people are busy with their thoughts and deeds.

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When I got in the middle of the street far enough from the shops and walking area and turned on the alarm on my phone after 10 minutes, it seemed to me that no one even was even paying attention to me. To relax, I closed my eyes for a while. The countdown had begun in the background of my head, but after about 80 seconds I tried not to think about it. It was a lunchtime of a weekday and most all the people around me were in a hurry. For a moment I felt invisible. The first people who noticed me were homeless men sitting next to me. They have been watching me all the time during the experiment but did not say anything to me. I thought that I could get the attention of the local policemen, but when two of them passed me by, I just caught a little glimpse – apparently, I looked decent enough to be crazy or homeless. Minutes dragged on and if initially it bothered me, then later I lost track of time. To be invisible in the middle of a crowded street has become very simple. Tourists and children were glancing at me. Of course, at some point I couldn’t help but react to passers-by and started smiling. Many people were smiling back at me and one person even waved at me. One woman, an Asian tourist, looked at me for a long time and pointed me to her husband. They laughed together and said “Hi” to me. Probably thought that I was insane. After about half of the past time, I stopped paying attention to people and began to observe the city around me – buildings, skies, fountains.

All the fuss around me had just disappeared. People immediately became very small and defenceless in my perception. It seemed like someone was controlling them. On the contrary, I felt full control over myself and the situation around me. I had been so relaxed that I even forgot why I was standing there for a while. The next second alarm rang. It was the time to plunge back into the usual pace of life. When I took the first couple of steps, everything was back to normal. The world around me no longer seemed strange. As always, I was surrounded by familiar places and held the phone in my hand. These 10 minutes gave me a different perspective on the world.

03 December 2019

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