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An Explanation Of The Effects Of Dating On Social Media Leading To Criminal Activities In Namibia

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The effects caused by dating on social media which eventually leads to criminal activities in Namibia. Namibia is moving into a new age where the internet and social media have become a huge part of people’s everyday life. According to (Safko & Brake, 2009) social media is defined as “All of the social network, user generated content, Blogs, audio, video, music, news, photo and tweets – working with digital technology.

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In this environment everything is accessible from everywhere and everything is connected”. The effects that might derive from social media dating (La Greca & Harrison, 2005)”This study examined multiple levels of adolescents’ interpersonal functioning, including general peer relations,peer crowd affiliations, peer victimization, and qualities of best friendships and romantic relationships as predictors of symptoms of depression and social anxiety. ” With this being said Namibians can connect on social media with people from all over the world and may engage in online dating if they feel the need to do so.

In this case people who indulged in dating on social media may be exposed to certain criminal activities. Criminal activity is defined by (Miffin, 2016) “an act committed in violation of law where the consequence of conviction by a court is punishment, especially where the punishment is a serious one such as imprisonment.

Unlawful activity: statistics relating to violent crime.

A serious offense, especially one in violation of morality”.

The effects of dating on social media (Silva, 2018)state that “social media has been limited to higher levels of loneliness, envy, anxiety, depression, narcissism and decreased social skills”. Namibians tend to do everything they see on social media, so sometimes it appears that everyone they know is in healthy relationships and living the best life so they start to admire these relationships and also want this type o bon in their lives. This causes more loneliness because everybody wants somebody to be with, thus sparking the social media dating phenomenon into a whole new hobby to find someone. The great search starts to find the nearest perfect dating partner with witch people tend to take pictures and videos and share it online to make there profiles seem interesting. People only portray the positive images of themselves on their social media accounts they never share their negative attributes or personal struggles.

They want a positive view of themselves online to attract a dating partner. This leads to the deception of each other’s perspectives because the image received on social media is sometimes totally different from the one experienced in real life. In this case people will be disappointed with themselves because they are stuck with someone totally different from what they perceived. Sometimes this leads to depression for some people because they have been waiting so long on this one person who could fill the gap in their lives but it was all a lie. Criminal activities caused by dating online. Many crimes are committed when dating online. Everybody is a victim when it comes to the internet and social media side effects. Nobody is safe because everything is linked and easily accessible. Teenagers are more exposed to pornography and cyber bullying while adults are at risk for credit card fraud and identity theft. The main focus that is arising at a high rate in Namibia is date rape and human trafficking. Date Rape and how it occurs. Date rape is defined as (v. i. rickerts, 1998) “a subset of acquaintance rape where nonconsensual sex occurs between two people who are in a romantic relationship”. This is one of the most common crimes caused by dating on social media on a daily basis. The victims are eventually approached by their online dating partners in a mutually agreed environment to meet up.

Unknowingly they are manipulated into trusting their partners. A date is set up and the victims are willing to go anywhere with their dating partners who also tends to be an undercover criminal who might work for a trafficking cartel. The first few dates are so well planned out, most of the criminals make their victims comfortable and know exactly what to do. The victims won’t know what hit them suddenly. It starts off with interesting conversations and later drinks are offered these drinks which contain a type of numbing drug. The victims are mentally and physically unaware of their circumstance which leads to the dating partner of taking advantage of the moment.

In this moment of weakness the victims are brutally raped sometimes or they are kept for ransom. If the outcome is fatal, it may lead to them getting murdered, kidnapped and shipped off to well-known human trafficking organizations (cartels)Human TraffickingNamibians targeted for human trafficking (Kooper, 2016)“Many Namibians view human trafficking as a foreign problem, but the reality is that Namibia is classified as a country of origin, transit and destination. ” Human trafficking is one of biggest problems we face in Namibia.

Most people don’t know that human trafficking start with their social media accounts and what they choose to share with the world. In this case everything is connected and everything is accessible, thus makes it very easy for criminals all over the world to retrieve personal information about people and their everyday life from their social media accounts. Online victims are randomly selected by the human traffickers on a daily basis. Reinforcements from the human trafficking cartels are well organized with their drugs and transportation, usually the public won’t expect that something is wrong until it is too late. Victims undergo so many traumas they are being sexually abused, used as prostitutes, drugged in most cases the outcome is fatal and victims are murdered on a daily basis.


When it comes to the internet and social media you should know what you share and with the people you know. Men, women and children are all victims. Nobody really know that some people are being watched and monitored through there profiles by human trafficking cartels. Namibian people should be more cautious with what they share on their social media accounts and they should be more private with their lives. Pleased should be more vigilant to any forms of danger on the internet. Always log out of any web server no matter what source was used even if it was from well-known source like Facebook or snapchat, Instagram and twitter to mention a few social media sites. Parents should engage with their children and have discussions about date rape, human trafficking at an early stage so they no to be careful any ware they go and not to trust anybody they don’t know.

Schools and collages should educate students on these type of topics and go more into detail and not just brief discussions on the basis of these types of topics. Date rape is not an easy thing neither is being trafficked by human traffickers nobody would want to be caught up in these situations its very heart breaking and it has become a huge problem in Namibia in 2018. Gangs locally or from other countries kidnap young children, babies, even women and girls so they could get money or to kill the and cut up these bodies and place the body part far away from each other.

03 December 2019

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