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Artificial Intelligence: Is It Everywhere?

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Artificial Intelligence isn’t something new to us. It’s been around for a long time, almost half a century but it’s remarkable to see the way it has progressed over the years. The way different machines operate and carryout tasks assigned and input into them is what AI really is. Artificial Intelligence has made things possible that were once dreamt about by the mankind. With its ability to solve problems like humans it has aided us in many ways.

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There are many examples about the advancement of AI but one of them that really make us feel like “The future is here” is the introduction of self driving cars by Tesla. Driverless cars are something that one could only dream about 10 years ago but not anymore. Tesla has made excellent AI operating its cars that has the ability to perform almost error free but as a precaution it has also advised the driver to always keep their hand on the steering wheel in autopilot mode. The autopilot feature can operate in all types of traffic and whether it is in autopilot mode or not it sends data directly to the cloud so that it can keep on improving. It uses different sensors to keep track of everything going around the car to minimize any kind of danger and, it is programmed in such a way that it never breaks the rules or the law. Another example is Google maps. Google maps is also something that runs on excellent AI. How does Google maps know there is a lot of traffic ahead? Well, it uses the information from its users that are using the application in real time. It constantly updates the information about the traffic situation due to which users receive accurate information most of the time. It also has voice assistance so that the driver doesn’t get distracted. This is something of great use in the modern era. These are only two examples of how AI has made things a lot easier. Through AI there is greater precision in information.

We are also able to explore places that are not accessible to us or places where humans can’t survive for longer periods of time like underwater, volcanoes and space etc. It has also replaced humans in painstaking activitiesBut, why are so many people concerned about AI if it done such a good job? If there are driverless cars and smart bots are being used for medical purposes, what are the people who are already doing this job going to do? It is estimated that AI will be able to replace millions of jobs by 2030 but is it really that simple? Also the advancement of healthcare means greater life expectancy but what are we going to do about alarming population spike? AI is also recently developed to fulfill human need of companionship so keeping in mind all these things, most importantly what will being human in the future look like.

29 April 2020

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