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Does Gary Oldman Deserve An Oscar Award?

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Gary Oldman is a unique actor and filmmaker that is very famous for his work. He won a lot of Nobel prizes and an Oscar. I would like to know how did he become what he is today and how did he become the best actor of his generation.I watched several movies that Gary Oldman acted in, I was surprised by his acting skills and how he makes the movie come to life. The best movie I saw Gary Oldman acting in was the movie called “The Darkest Hour”. He was awarded best actor in the movie in 2017.

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My Search Process

First I did a google search on “Gary Oldman” so I could get some basic information like, when he was he born and what movies he acted in. I scrolled down and found a website called “IMDB”. This website has all the movie actors and their information. It had information about Gary’s, children, wife, movies and so on. I took some basic information from the website and wrote it so I couldn’t forget.

I found this source useful and reading it carefully I discovered that Gary Oldman wasn’t just an actor, he was a Filmmaker too. Next, I went to dig in more and know more about Gary. I was researching about his early life and how he was raised. I found a website called “biography.com”, it told me all about Gary’s past life. Gary Oldman’s father “Leonard Oldman”, left Gary when he was he was just 7 years old. Then I wanted to know the school that he studied at and the college that he went too. Gary left school when he was just 16 years old, and after a few years, he went back to school to get into acting school.

After I finished researching his family and his basic information, I went and searched for the movies he acted in. I did a Google search for “Movies Gary Oldman acted in”. I then clicked a website called “goldderby.com”, it had all the greatest movies that Gary acted in. Then I wanted to know more about the movies that he acted in and not just go to another website. I focused on one movie and got information from it so I could write the “what have I learned” part easily. I then searched Google for “Gary Oldman’s movie awards”. I was surprised on how many awards he earned in his whole life. He won 20 awards in his whole life, how amazing is that. Gary won only one Oscar in his entire life, because it was hard to get an Oscar these days, so it’s very rare if someone wins an Oscar.Lastly, I marked the important information and wrote Bullet points in the other paper to help me organize the important information I have to write later. I then wrote the websites that I used so I could use them later. I took the websites that have more information about Gary Oldman because I don’t want to use more than 5 websites.

What I have learned

After reading this article, I discovered more about Gary’s successful life. He had won a significant amount of awards in his life. In 2017, Oldman delivered a resounding performance as former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour, earning Golden Globe and Oscar wins for Best Actor. He’s not only good at acting, but he is good at drinking too. Oldman said, that he once drinks 2 bottles of vodka every day, but he is recovering now from being an alcoholic. I even discovered that Gary was married to actress Uma Thurman from 1990 to 1992. Unfortunately, they divorced with only 2 years of marriage. Uma Thurman Quoted “It takes a special kind of woman to put up with him”. Gary’s love life is complicated. He divorced 4 times with 4 different women. Gary has three children the first and the oldest is Alfie. He had his child Alfie from his first wife Lesley. And then his second son Charlie and then his third son Gulliver.

I discovered that Gary Oldman’s greatest movies were the best selling movies in the market. Although his long and very successful film career, Gary hasn’t been known by awards groups. He received one Emmy nomination for a guest actor on “Friends” ,but never even been nominated for a Golden Globe award. In his country of England, the BAFTA’s have nominated him twicethis year as an actor for “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” and “Prick up Your Ears”, and awarded him with two awards for a film he directed called “Nil by Mouth” . He won for the screenplay he wrote and a Best British Film award for producing the movie.

Now I will be talking about Gary Oldman ’s early career. Oldman was raised in a working class family in London, he was the youngest of three children in his family. After leaving school at age 16, he began acting in productions staged by the Greenwich and Lewisham Young People’s Theatre. He attended the Rose Bruford Training College for Speech and Drama. He then graduated with a bachelor’s degree in theatre in 1979. After starring in repertory productions in York and Colchester, he was accepted as a member of the Glasgow Citizens Theatre. Oldman returned to London, where he continued to pursue his theatre work. Meanwhile, he made his film debut in Remembrance in 1982. He then embarked upon a series of performances at the Royal Court Theatre and Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

Answering my question

What I now know is that Gary Oldman is a good actor in my opinion. He won a lot of rewards like from the latest one in the film “The Darkest Hour”. He took a reward for playing as Prime Minister Winston Churchill. I watched some of his movies like Batman-The Dark Knight and Harry Potter. I chose this actor not because he acts well, but because he is a director too. So he acts in movies and makes films too, how awesome is that!! His acting skills are very good from what I’ve seen in the movies. My final answer is he deserves an Oscar because of his acting skills and his and directing too. He has acted in over 10 popular movies and still people watch them worldwide.

03 December 2019

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