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Ethereum Classic’S (Etc) Emerald Platform: Hit Or A Miss? Getting Facts Right

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After almost a year of silence, Ethereum Classic (ETC) has gotten the groove back and is poised to change the crypto-landscape. The last four months have seen the coin come back from oblivion to stamp its feet on the ground with a lot of interested focuses on the Emerald platform. The entry of the Emerald tool kit has brought back developer and investor confidence and the addition could be the catalyst for a better and bigger. The additional tool diversity will makes it easy for third party developers as it makes the workflow easier and fast. However, here are other reasons why the outfit is gathering increased attention.

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Classic is Getting Popular than Ethereum

After breaking away from Ethereum, many people were looking at the Classic from an angle of dying outfit but over the months, the platform has proved to be better that than its original blockchain. The two shares a wealth of similarities but ETC has added to what ETH does and excels in it. Developers who are not happy with the bottlenecks at ETH are heading to Ethereum Classic as the only option that offers robust dApp creation tool-kits with low costs and additional functionalities. The entry of the Emerald has even made dApp development fuss free and this will make ETC coin price more affordable. One big mistake investors are making is looking at the price and forgetting about the overall value offerings of individual coins. In reality, the price of a certain coin does not mean it lacks use cases; it is a growth stage that each passes through and Ethereum Classic has proved beyond doubts that it has more value potential the Ethereum.

More dApps Being Built on the Ethereum Classic

There are many reasons why ETC is getting more attention especially when it comes to dApps. These partly explain why the adoptions rates are on the rise and helping the ETC value gain traction. One, the apps built on the outfit can never shut down since they are hosted on a global computer. Secondly, the platform has taken a very popular but unexploited route to the market; banking the bank-less. Traditional banks are a total waste of time and their banking services have failed to embrace modern technologies and users are excited about a system that transacts in real time with lower charges and can be accessed anywhere, anytime. The platform gives developers the freedom to stretch their innovation prowess and creativity without any censorship and this will go a long way to add value to the coin. With the immutable transactions, the platform is about to become the global dApp hot-spot.

Ethereum Classic Milestones

Since forking from the mother block, the network has achieved several milestones and its framework is very solid giving it the true value of a digital asset. At the moment, it is providing investors with a long term value offering of profits and ROI. The ecosystem has been making tremendous inroads in the Asian market and investors have responded positively. Most high profile exchanges in Japan and South Korea have listed ETC and the volumes have been on the rise. Asia has the largest crypto goers and ETC excitement in the region is a good foundation of the coin getting a global appeal and increased visibility.

11 February 2020

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