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Overview Of Zeus-A.I: Touching Every Sector With The Potentials Of Blockchain And A.I.

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With the functionalities of the ledger-operations, it is so obvious that the system has a great future which will be a reality in the next few years to come. However, the artificial intelligence system has also been predicted to be the next evolutionary invention that will shapen the imagination of mankind. Moreover, how magnificent will it be if these to inventions are coupled together to create the best solution of all time that will address all limitations in every sector such as the e-commerce, crypto-market, cloud-storage and data-collection. Therefore, A.I Zeus has emerged to being this innovation to a reality.

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The concept of A.I-Zeus

This is a venture that will surely bring to disruption the so called mega $4 trillion market of the e-commerce, crypto-market, cloud-storage and data-collection with the potentials of the block chain service and the artificial-intelligent functions. According to a stat shown by Forbes, the online shopping-market has an estimate of 1.6 worth of trillion that is greatly expected to scale higher as time goes on. However, all these sectors have limitations that needed solutions to be administered.The INcomparable solutions provided by this ventureThis amiable venture was initiated with the aim to provide the necessary needs for millions of people across the globe with the usage of the digitalized-operations and other applications around the globe. This venture can also be referred to as a block chain based peer2peer applications which is crafted in a way to suitably satisfy the end users. Lastly, this system will bring solutions to the end market in general and also a solid solution of a distribution.market-place for the data and information respectively.

The amiable benefits of this venture

It is pivotal to know that Zeus is a system that is very high-scalable with a very high-performance that gives way to about (200,000tps) in 0.005 seconds. Moreover, it also has a very affordable and low transaction fee which can be equivalent to about one cent. Through the increase in the chain size, this venture has achieved an increased scalability-and-performance that will allow a great volume oftransacts in less that 1-second. This will also give the members access to enjoy unlimited and smooth mode of operation and activities within the system.

By bring the transact fee to a very low amount of about 0.001$, the members will then have freedom to transact the way they feel like without have to worry about big charges which is rampant in several ventures.the venture brings together the A.I and the block chain-system operations to craft a great and effective service that will skyrocket the efficiency-of the system. Furthermore, a smart agreement contract has been created which is expected to be highly smarted than usual.

The features

By providing an artificial-data service, zeus will bring a solution to the issues in gathering of data in order to make it easier to share-data. And also the business-oriented organizations can now sell their data which will be utilized to develop apps with the use of A.I and machine-learning unit.This venture will also provide a high-acurracy service that will help in the record-keeping which entails the execution, authentication-records and the A.I. The A.I will function as a means of assessing-data and understand the nature of info-intricate that will enhance interaction between apps. With the provision of the top-level of protection bandwidth, the clients of this venture can be sure of a higher level of safety that gives no way to errors.

11 February 2020

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