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Should Marijuana Be Legal In The United States

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Did you know that marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in the United States. Marijuana is legal for medical use in some states but on the other hand illegal all together in other states. In many states they are actually making it legal to smoke marijuana medically and decriminalized. Marijuana should be legalized! Do you know how much a state could gain from legalizing marijuana? Legalizing marijuana would help this country provide more jobs for a lot of people in need. The incarceration rate would drop, as you can see many of the people in prison are therefore selling marijuana. Tobacco, alcohol, and opioids kill hundreds of thousands annually. Marijuana, meanwhile, has caused zero overdose deaths. Overall marijuana has many short time effects and many long time effects.

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In the state of Colorado, due to the legalization of marijuana if you are a resident in that state and you want to go to college they will pay your tuition just by them having money and profiting off of marijuana. States can include cannabis in their general sales tax bases, levy a special tax on cannabis and products containing cannabis, or pursue both approaches simultaneously. In states permitting assessable offers of recreational cannabis, yearly cannabis extract charge incomes as of now rival absolute extract charge incomes gathered from all types of liquor including lager, wine, and alcohol. In Colorado and Nevada, cannabis extract charges raise more income than liquor extract charges, and the equivalent is anticipated to happen in California by 2020.

Now in today’s economy there is a very big shortage on jobs , especially in the United States. By 2020 the industry is expected to create 250,000 new jobs due to marijuana research. The business is looking for specialists over the range, from bookkeeping to consistence, client administration, deals, innovation and that’s just the beginning. As the economy grows so does the demand for certain products and so does the demand for more workers.

In the year of 2017 the number of drug arrests that were for possession only was 1,394,514 which is about 85. 4 percent. The incarceration rate would drop by 85. 4 percent! Also along with drug incarceration the murder and assault rate would drop. Due to many people selling, stealing, and misusing marijuana people would have no reason to do these things. Just think sometimes drug dealers get robbed and the people who they sell drugs for are usually people that are taking commission from them selling drugs. So if you don’t have their money or drugs they will do whatever they feel is necessary to send a message so that they will have respect and or power. Crime would drop, I’m not saying it would end but it would definitely drop.

In the top 10 most addictive drugs marijuana is the tenth and last drug on that list. Cannabis isn’t viewed as being physically or artificially addictive, yet numerous wellbeing specialists concur that it very well may be mentally addictive. Around 10 percent of individuals who utilize pot will wind up reliant on it, as indicated by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. In my opinion marijuana is very addictive but unlike other drug marijuana is not as harmful as any other drug. Many people would describe marijuana as being a gateway drug. Most people that smoke marijuana only use and abuse marijuana which is why I feel it is necessary to legalize it.

Usually people start to use marijuana as a teenager which has many cons that can be short and long term. Smoking as a teenager can affect your ability to communicate with others. As a person that has smoked marijuana and knowing just about all of its effects I still think we should legalize it. Smoking can cause memory loss , you’ll remember things but not as well as you’d remember when you’re sober. Also depending on your metabolism marijuana can easily help you gain your appetite which would be why some doctors prescribe you to smoke it. On the other hand some people experience the complete opposite and they lose their appetite. If you have to smoke or feel like you can’t eat unless you smoke, that’s when you have a problem. Your body should not depend on anything to help you eat.

In conclusion, marijuana is a drug just like any other and as any other drug can be addictive. Marijuana is a plant that grows from the Earth it just happens that when you smoke it you get high. In the words of Bob Marley “herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction. ” In my opinion marijuana should be legal.

10 October 2020

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