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The Dangers Of Fireworks

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You have to be very careful with fireworks. Fireworks can be hazardous for you and others around you. They are not something to play with as a toy. What I am about to tell you will explain exactly why you should. First, fire is a problem and can be life-threatening. Let’s say you are playing with a sparkler. Then by mistake, you drop it. A fire has started, and chaos has risen. A couple of your friends could breathe in the fumes, or the flame is capable of engulfing them.

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This would’ve been tragic. Fire can get up to 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit. That is dangerously hot for any person to handle. It even spreads quickly, too. Also, you could damage other people’s property. Fireworks sometimes spray or burst very wide. There is a certain kind of firework, so when you light it, it bursts into flame and flings away. It will land where ever, and you can’t stop it. It could land in a tree and start a fire, or it could land on someone’s roof and burn a hole right through. This is an illegal thing to do. You can’t destroy other people’s stuff. Then you might go to jail. Let’s say it does burn a hole through the roof, so then it goes inside and starts a fire. This fire could kill the people inside. If nobody is home, it could destroy all the owner’s/owners’ stuff, and they will lose everything they own.

Another thing, safety is very important. A safe way to watch fireworks is through a durable car. I mentioned that flinging firework earlier, called The Ladybug earlier. That could possibly fling in the wrong way and it could potentially injure somebody. It would burn them horribly. You should use safer firework such as bottle rockets, toy trick noisemakers, or some crackling items. Safe ways of watching fireworks are by watching them from inside an enclosed space. When you light your firework run as fast you can away from where you lit it. This is one this one thing you don’t want a close-up for. In conclusion, you have to be cautious with fireworks. They can be dangerous and scary. You have to watch out for fire, other people’s property and safety. Don’t be careless with them.

29 April 2020

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