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The Effect Of Advertisements Of Dairy Products On A Consumer’S Intention To Purchase

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Moving forward with the times in the tech dominated world, we live in a global village now, and for us to connect with people we need to communicate. There are various mediums in which people communicate, but the most popular and used is electronic media. Advertising through different segments of media has real significance for media agencies and corporate owners. Advertising works as a trap for consumers to see and buy.

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The most effective way to communicate to the audience is television. Television has worked its way up due to the visual, as well as oral communication. It can be safely concluded that different adverts on television determines the depth and extent of the commodity. Safety of the products cannot be determined by smell or taste on TV, so company’s stick to their brand names, venue, values, and safety certifications for the products they sell. Sustainable consumption is an another issue, where a lot is dependent on the consumer’s decision making process that takes into consideration social responsibility, in addition to individual needs. In this point of view, local made products are bought and sought after because they just are not environment friendly but bolster the local economy and also meet the ethical and civic standards of the community. However though, consumer’s acceptance for any other marketable product is key for the success of local products and sale is dependent upon their attributes, price comparison, accessibility and quality. A great commercial is on which leaves a positive effect on the consumer and helps to relate with the needs. If the advert is good, it will be 100% successful and shall push the consumer to buy the product. Advertisements remain important whether you are an individual or an industry. This study is aimed to show how advertisements of dairy products (UHT milk in this case) contribute and effect a consumer’s intention to purchase. The aim of this study is just not to measure the impact and defects of adverts but also how TV can influence a buyer’s purchase decision. Also, the individual critical factors contributing to advertisements pertaining and based on global weights on contributing towards this intention of UHT milk.

Nowadays, there is huge number of commercials on TV for the viewers to see. Commercials are growing explosively, giving firms distinct ways to connect with the consumers. From TV, radio or internet, people can see adverts everywhere. These are the usual mediums companies use to inform the consumers of the offerings on show. It’s to encourage, manipulate and convince people to purchase. Advertisements work as a teacher to consumers who learn what is available in the market, widening their knowledge. It has hugely contributed in upping the society’s standard of living, pursuing the better way of living and letting go old ways. Moreover, advertisements facilitate the consumer choices because the information they are giving out work as the comparison of price, quality, quantity or standout benefits shown in the advertisement. Point being, adverts are a great manner to display information, products that consumers can look upon and decide and profit from. In today’s market, the consumer is smarter than ever, though they are well informed and can demand a lot from the producer, they are doubtful and maybe even distrustful at times too. Media doesn’t help by differentiating whether its by favoring or going against producers. Also, it is tougher today to stand out of the competition in the industry, customers are raided by advertisements and offers more than ever.

One way the producers can stand out or an effect on consumers’ mind is through manipulative marketing directly affecting emotions. Use of an odd or strange color scheme in ads is one way of doing it, catching the attention of the consumer in an already crowded advertising scene. People who have studied the market and consumers say that this can be done only if the color schemes are nicely odd, positive, come across as interesting and not strange. What comes with this is having adverse effects on the consumer, can turn out to be shockingly bad or negative. So, it is essential to know to from a decision making point of view that which colors might come across positive or negative. Experience might play a key part on this. Consumer behavior is really debatable and broad topic, how consumers buy, why and how they buy, the marketing mix and when it is mixed. Consumer behavior is an interesting field to study, without doubt. Since it is the consumer’s behavior and everything revolves around it, who better than a customer itself to understand it, applying daily patters and theories in order to work out the perceptions and notions of this field.

Perceiving consumer behavior and evaluating their patters, it is important not to forget the vast differences in culture within different societies. Consumer behavior is a phenomenon which cannot be 100% worked out because of the buyer’s individuality and not following the same path it used to or using it just once. The individual’s performance cannot be worked out as the behavior is often not predictable or unexplainable at times. Usually, individuals see others, people close to them and study their buying behavior and mostly adopt the same doing their shopping.

Colors have always affected human beings in one way or the other, whether psychologically or physically. How a person gets affected by colors has its results, which influences their behavior in nature, norms and buying behavior. Buying behaviors are basically the process and thinking an individual goes through before buying a product. To understand buying behavior, we need to work out why consumers are buying, what thought process goes behind before they make a decision, what are the factors that influence it. A company needs to study and evaluate consumer behavior because at the end of the day that will be most important factor to shape up company’s marketing strategy, which then plays it part in the success of the company. So which is why companies are stressed to form these strategies telling how, when, why, where, what consumers buy. Marketers can easily predict how consumers will react to a marketing strategy compared to a buying behavior because it is based on different factors. A consumer is always influenced by a number of factors but the heritage, advertising, relatability is use are the most common and key factors. One significant factor being the color and how it plays it part on a consumer’s mind.

Color has that psychological impact on a person’s mind and hence, on its buying behavior. From primary to secondary and even colors are not that common to eyes, have their effect. Not just solid colors but the shading too has come out to be an essential factor. Shading works in packaging and how consumers react when they see certain shades of color on packages, logos or branding. Packaging does play a decisive part in determining whether the buyer will actually convince itself to buy the particular product because how it looks due to the colors and branding. The perfect color combination can work its way to a sale. Colors on packages can go both ways, they can either convince an individual to buy or reject the offering. So, deciding what colors to use is key in packaging products. We learned that around 60 to 90% of the evaluation is driven solely by shading. Shading is a focal component of items, administrations, bundles, logos and showcases which impacts judgements. Actually, an examination on nail clean recommended that staggering likelihood of brands’ colors in term of looking for clients’ consideration can’t be overlooked. Colors on bundling may cause worry and even dismissal by clients consequently, bundling colors may cause major disappointment in the event that they are definitely not rightly picked showed that colors can be utilized deliberately to impact purchasing expectations, identity, and likability of a brand. Despite the fact that the colors influence client identity, they are generally ignored by analysts yet specialists utilize shading tests close by different tests to measure identity. Colors have been utilized by packagers to impact view of bundle weight and to make mental effectiveness. Hence it very well may be concluded that shade of bundling makes a notable promise in changing potential clients’ purchasing wants and intentions regarding shopping. Not just shading but the levels of brightness and saturations also play their part. Just saying that color effects consumer’s buying behavior can be an understatement, because it is much detailed and meaningful than that. By adopting distinct methods, a company can enhance the quality of the visuals they put out as commercials for people to see.

Since, technology has taken a leap in quality of the picture, shot in 4K is routine now and anything below that must be subpar. Visuals do end up effecting different areas of the brain, transmitting signals working as convincing factors to make the purchase. It’s astonishing how can a box of juice can be advertised when we actually consider all the factors versus just making a commercial for a juice. Never underestimate the viewers.

18 May 2020

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