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The Youth Must Get Its Due

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Manitoba has been relentlessly trying for a 15$ minimum wage for years but no avail. I vehemently support the belief that not only every Manitoban but every single individual in the world has a right to lead a dignified life. As it is rightly said by Mohandas Gandhi “There is enough on Earth for everybody’s need, but not enough for everybody’s greed”. CEO of Loblaws Galen Weston has been whining about this idea which is ironical because he comes from one of the wealthiest family dynasties of Canada. The article also sheds light on a repeal of Bill 7 which if successful will make unionization uncomplicated. I believe that the decision to be unionized or not is every employee’s right not a privilege bestowed on a select few.I went to a restaurant two months back in Manitoba where during one of my casual conversations with the waiter, I discovered that he was a young boy of 24 who just made 7$ an hour. What intrigued me was that he spoke flawless English, had a plastic smile throughout and undoubtedly provided me with exceptional service. In spite of being a graduate this was the best job that he managed to find. Heart wrenching! Isn’t it?

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They can be seen everywhere. Over the years I have met so many well-qualified and energetic youngsters who are surely not in the kind of jobs that do justice to their skill set and capabilities. It is on encountering such cases that I wonder what did that young guy do wrong to deserve a wage that is not even a half of what is supposedly just in accordance with the current scenario.

Politics cannot be run by being totally virtuous and upright. Empty promises are made by the candidates to the people that cannot be actualized. This is the brutal truth. Making the best out of the today’s non ideal choices is the need of the hour. Brian Pallister was chosen for a reason. Neither do you become a devotee by merely voting for someone nor are you indebted to your choice. If you feel that your choice is not meeting your expectations or is not working to the best of one’s ability, you must exercise your right to change it in the future. That’s democracy.

Ensuring that all Manitobans are paired fairly is critical. This entire model will foster a healthy work environment where job satisfaction and job commitment will be high on part of the employees. In other words, it is a subtle way of saying by the employers that we value you. I would like to conclude by writing that – leaving all the frills aside, it is a basic human right to receive fair wages for one’s work. This initiative will indisputably improve a myriad of factors in the lives of Manitobans by providing them satisfactory food and housing, insurance, opportunities for leisure amongst many more. Only then will we be able to give them their due.

13 January 2020

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