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Top 7 Things To Consider While Buying Cbd Hemp Oil 

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Cannabidiol is now becoming a craze of all generations in America. Thanks to this amazing supplement that offers huge medical and natural healing applications without feeling dizzy. But, unfortunately, you can’t trust blindly on all brands. It can be challenging for first time buyers on whom to trust. Don’t worry! Here is a complete guide about things to consider while buying CBD hemp oil.

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Extraction method: Don’t skip this step in any case. Many companies are using hydrocarbon extraction method to extract CBD hemp oil. This, cheap butane extraction method can be toxic to health. CBD oil made with these toxic hydrocarbon solvents (ethanol, butane, propane) leaves harmful residues that can cause respiratory and heart problems. Always prefer companies that adopt CO2 extraction method.

This method ensures full spectrum cannabinoid quality. It is expensive though, but completely inflammable, safe and maintain purity of CBD oil. Similarly, olive or coconut oil method also considered to be safe and inexpensive. Company claims: Read all ingredients, labels related to dosage and appropriate storage information on company’s given pamphlet. Either what is company labeling on serving bottle i. e. 100 mg of active CBD or 100 mg of CBD hemp oil? If company says that bottle contain 100mg of CBD hemp oil. Then, effectiveness of CBD product will be doubtful. Plus, brands with best practices always take care of FDA regulations. It does not blindly claim to cure specific medical conditions. If it is pursuing such criteria, then it is violation of FDA’s guidelines. Don’t trap! Read online reviews: Don’t blindly trust on renown brand. Try to go for online website check, read reviews of other customers related to product experience. Freely ask about product on website’s page, if you have any doubts about product.

CBD sourcing: CBD oil quality is dependent upon source i. e. how and where it grows. As CBD is bioaccumulating in nature, so it can easily absorb various components present in that particular soil. Ensure that CBD hemp plant should be grown without using any chemical fertilizers i. e. pesticides or herbicides. Request corresponding company to share lab results i. e. test of pesticides, strength, bacteria, heavy metals, residual solvents of CBD oil. If company hesitates to share these things, then you better know about your next step. Give a quick check to THC level: It can be a big deal to some buyers who are doing some specified jobs i. e. operating heavy machinery or anything else. Then, you should consume CBD oil that contains 0. 03% THC level to qualify for legal hemp product. Many sellers in U. S. market are offering certified CBD oils that contains zero THC level. So, if you want to consume it any way, then hunt certified companies. This THC level give you guarantee of no failed drug test results (0. 00 THC level), no drowsiness and fulfillment with SAMHSA guidelines.

Cheaper can be dangerous: Well, low price tags with CBD products arise many doubts in minds. It is not always better to go with cheaper CBD oil, as quality production of CBD oil just can’t be cheap. Cheaper CBD oil may be impure, poor quality and have traces of toxic solvents. CBD hemp oil expensive due to following reasons i. e. organically grown, follow rules, tested by third-party labs, contain high concentration of CBD and extracted by using CO2 method. This CO2 extraction method, no doubt, gives high quality CBD and leaves no residues of toxic solvent in CBD oil opposed to cheaper ones.

Sealed bottle: There are many companies in small town that are making CBD with limited facilities that can be suspicious Always go for pin packed bottle of CBD oil. If it’s not sealed, then contact the chemist or seller to give a sealed bottle. Plus, reputation of company should be considered before buying any product.

15 April 2020

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