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Why Is Losing Weight Hard Or Should We Focus On Losing Fat?

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I must say that I do have a problem with listening to skinny people who never had no more than 15 pounds to lose tell me about obese. I believe the best teacher is one that has had the experience or extensive training and their work is proven to be effective. I wasn’t always obese. I was once in my younger days very athletic. I played football, wrestled, lifted weights and trained in Boxing, Kung-Fu and later on Tae Kwon Do (Korean karate) and as of today hold a 5th degree black belt in Shotokan Japanese Karate.

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Years ago I would get upset when the Doctor asked how I gained the weight. This was an expert obesity doctor asking me the question. That’s why I chose to see him searching for an answer. I was scrambling my brains trying to return an answer. The best I could say is – maybe it’s the sweets and bread. He replied that it’s probably because I most likely eat 4,500 calories daily! WOW! I really could not accept that! I thought he was crazy diagnosing me with an eating disorder. My daily meals were the average. I followed the Food Pyramid which the Food & Drug Administration approved except for a few honey buns over the weekend. I was about 25 years old and barely knew about counting calories and carbs. All of that was a foreign language to me at that time. 20 years later and plenty of unwanted fat, I’ve learned quite a lot. Why? Because it’s my duty to correct the problem and the only way to correct the problem is to be educated, build legitimate tools and resources to win the battle of obese! There are so many pills, potions and magic powder over the counter to try for weight loss. The question is should we focus on weight loss or fat loss? YES!

There is a difference. Our body is created with a survival mechanism to store FAT when it thinks we are starving. This is the reason why diets don’t work. Most of them restrict your caloric intake by lowering the amount of food to eat. This method of losing weight throws a rod in your hormones which causes hormonal imbalance. Your hormones don’t see food and calories like the naked eye. Therefore it should make sense to say the less food and calories you receive the more weight you should lose. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! THE TRUTH! The less food and calories the more fat your body will store to survive! You just turned on your survival mechanism to STORE FAT! We have six fat burning hormones and three fat making (storing) hormones. The one we all should know about that stores fat is “Insulin” and it’s a serious problem when you eat the wrong type of foods, it’s not so much of the quantity that matters! If eating small amounts of food were the problem why do some smaller people eat more than big people (and never gain weight) and why some big people eat less than small people? And have the hardest time losing weight! OH! Their metabolism is good, right? Okay! Question: What controls the metabolism? Answer: Hormones! Hormones are chemical messages produced by glands. They send messages such as I’m sick in the liver therefore fluid could be retained in my pot belly, I’m sick in the adrenaline therefore too much cortisol is causing my outrageous belly fat!

Yet so many scientist and big pharmaceutical create magic pills to lose weight. And the doctors drill us on taking the synthetic poison that killed millions a few years ago by blowing heart valves, and the manufacturer countered by saying the people already had the heart problem prior to taking their (poison) medicine. The type of foods we should digest and control the hormone “insulin” is called “Low Glycemic” and we should also eat meat in the fish, turkey and chicken family because it’s less fat, sugar and sodium. Food that are high in sugar, fat and sodium will trigger the insulin by spiking the levels up and dropping very fast and send a false signal of hunger. When this happens you lose the ability to recognize satiety. You never feel it and over consume the appropriate quantity of food.

The reality is – you consume an extraordinary amount of high glycemic foods. The results – Obese – Morbid Obese – Super Morbid Obese! What we are taught is to visit our primary physician and then they ask you – how did you get like that? WOW! Doc that is why I’m here sitting before you!! I thought maybe you could use your expertise and provide the answer oppose of me scrambling my brains hoping to produce an answer. Next the physician warns you about the high risk you are in because of the excessive weight gain. At this point you would like to respond with this magic question. Hey Doc if that’s the case then why do small people suffer the same sickness and diseases?

We should be focused on losing fat by eliminating the over consumption of fat, sodium and sugars which causes the glands to send chemical messages to the six fat burning hormones to release the fat! Three fat storing hormones to hold on to the fat! Obesity is a sign that you are sick, even if you don’t suffer any of the sickness and disease aforementioned. That’s right; some obese people don’t suffer the specific unhealthy problems. Yet some smaller people do. This means the body needs healing to lose the fat. This is done by learning the triggers and how to turn on the fat burning furnace. I lost 40 pounds in 60 days when I learned how to turn on the fat burning furnace! I’m still obese and have many more pounds to lose however; it’s going in the right direction. I started a special program eating fresh vegetables and one fruit a day and very little meat twice a day and drinking plenty of purified water. I also did one hour of exercise four or six days a week.

That was Nov. – Dec. 2012 and my last weigh in was Jan. 2013. My wife and I both are losing the unwanted fat at a greater speed because we have accelerated our fat burning hormones eating Cookies, Cup Cakes, Soups and Bars! They are low glycemic, 80% Organic, Gluten Free and taste great! It’s a process of taking in less chemically refined food and keeping the insulin levels low from spiking therefore less fat is stored and more food is burned off as energy.

Food should produce energy! Create growth! And Sustain life! If you don’t feel like that after you eat, you are eating the wrong type of foods and you are turning up your fat storing, surviving warehouse. We use a structure of eating called macro pattern. Some days we eat the healthy cookies and some days we eat fresh green vegetables and salads with 4 ounces of meat. And some days we eat both on the same day. This is how we keep our fat burning furnace on HIGH!! You want to drink plenty of purified water mixed with Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar and Un-sweeten Organic Cranberry Juice. It is good digestive drink and liver detox. GNC sell a 7 day detox for approximately $49.95 and it’s not hard on your stomach and bowel. You also want to purchase a bottle of Probiotic sold at The Vitamin Shoppe for approximately $19.95 and it’s good for removing bad bacteria out of the bowel. My wife has lost five pounds in six days and I normally double her lost and that’s a fact. We usually check our weight at my primary doctor every month. I was preparing to have gastric surgery but I changed my mind.

The surgery is not a quick fix or magic formula for weight loss. You must learn how the body/hormones function and eat to live! We sacrificed 30 days of extensive training, eight hours a day – Sundays off at the clinic celebrities pay $7k a month! I lost over 65 pounds in 45 days. They cooked the food and provided a team leader to assist you. As soon as we completed the 30 day course the weight came back and it’s normal for the average person who attends the trainings because they return every year for a quick make over. Some eventually consider gastric or lap band surgery. Even with the big price and professionals we still never were taught about hormones and fat triggers. They teach the traditional calorie counting, well balanced diet plan according to your weight.

11 February 2020

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