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About Us

Sometimes being a student is not an easy thing, especially when all the deadlines are coming next day. What do you have to do when the chosen topic is not your best friend?

Samplius is your answer. Here you can find a range of services: from essay samples on more than 4000 topics to a custom project made by our writers. All you need to do is to tell us what your theme is, give us the details regarding your deadline, and then you can take a break – the rest will be in our care!

Benefits of our Service

All essays placed on Samplius have strong research behind, and they are submitted by fellow students. You just need to search for your topic and… voila! You have it.

Rewriting or editing are some other options which you can choose. You can select even what level of writing quality you need (standard/premium/platinum). After that you can be sure that your paper will be done as you wish.

So, if you need a hand for finishing an essay Samplius is here for you! We created a global ranking in which you can find the best person for your task. In a growing community on our platform, our students understand each other, and they give all their support to those who need it.