Argumentative Essays Examples

Writing an argumentative essay is one of those challenging tasks that college students often face, yet one should not feel concerned as it is simpler than it seems. Let’s assume that one needs to compose an argumentative essay about pollution. The purpose here is to pose a strong argument as you make a statement by supporting it with the evidence and the sources. Talk about the problem and always try to narrow things down as you keep your writing argumentative and always to the point. It will help to improve the readability. ...

Argumentative Essay Structure:

The structure is what helps to make an argumentative piece of writing stand out. Focus on your topic and take notes as you research. It will help you to see what to relate to the introduction part and what ideas are the most important to go after your thesis. For example, when you work on your pollution argumentative essay or any other chosen subject, the most important is to structure your writing correctly. It must include these important elements:

– An introduction with a background description of the problem. Talk about the importance and explain why the problem exists and how your argumentation can help address the issue.
– Your thesis statement or the main argument that you make. It’s the main point you must make and it should fully reflect your idea.
– Your primary justification with a source. The sources must support your ideas with all the references and citations. It will help you to support your thinking and avoid plagiarism.
– Statistical data block to support your idea. The examples are paramount here.
– Less important information. If something is less important, include it closer to the ending.
– Counter-opinions, if relevant. It can be helpful to include an opposite opinion to explain your point of view.
– Conclusion paragraph with summing up and/or a call to action.


– The issue or a problem has been introduced in the first paragraph. 

Talk about why the problem is important and let your readers know about it.

Your tone is clear and confident.

Turn to examples and keep things clear.

Create a thesis statement where you make an assumption or appeal to the facts.

It should be a strong argument. For example: “The videogames are dangerous for the middle school children”.

There is statistical information with the facts.

It is beneficial when you can offer interesting facts and support them with relevant academic sources.

The conclusion sums up the main facts and provides counter-opinions (if relevant).

Explore various opinions on your subject and see if they can help your writing.

Make a call to action, if it’s relevant.

Suggest ideas to your readers that remain within your writing.

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