Informative Essays Examples

As you are looking through various informative essays examples that we can offer for you, it is essential to remember the purpose of this type of academic writing work. In simple terms, an informative essay is meant to inform your readers about an issue, a term, or basically anything that requires research. For example, you may write about domestic violence and provide information about it based on statistical data or facts that are related to some recent event. Remember that the purpose here is only to explain without stating your opinion or offering any bias towards what’s right or wrong. It is not the point here!  ...

Informative Essay Structure 

Before you navigate towards informative essay examples free of charge, let’s review the basic structure just to learn what must be included in the typical informative essay writing: 

– An introduction paragraph with an explanation of the subject. 

– The most common application and occurrence, depending on your title and the discipline. 

– A paragraph with examples that help to understand the problem or a concept. 

– A paragraph that talks about what other researchers are saying about it. 

– A bit that tells about some statistical information. 

– Conclusion paragraph that mostly sums things up for the readers. 

– Recommendations of what further information and/or explanations may be helpful.


– You have provided basic introduction data to help your readers understand what you are going to talk about it and why the subject matters.

Start with the most practical examples and focus on your structure by focusing on the most accessible examples first.

Since there is no thesis statement in an informative essay as you will learn, this part is taken by the practical examples that help to explain something in the best way possible.

Provide information about why something can be encountered here and there. The more examples you provide, the better.

You have mentioned what other reputable people are telling regarding your subject.

It will help you to work with the sources and all relevant information that will show your teacher that you have done some research correctly.

You have used the facts and statistics to explain some parts of the issue. If there are “97% of people who prefer coffee in the morning”, include it!

Add some inspiring and fun facts to make your informative essay more vivid.

Your conclusion part sums up the most important bits and makes them accessible in clear.

You may use bullet points if your grading rubric does not speak against it.

You have provided suggestions and recommended reading.

You are aiming to inform the target audience, it’s vital to let people see what kind of reading can be helpful for further research.

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