The Hazing In Greek Organizations

College can be exciting for most as well as an overwhelming transition. There are many clubs and groups that students can engage in to ease the pains of this transition. Penn State makes attempts for students to be to engaged in such organizations, boasting well over one thousand student organizations. A collection of said organizations are Greek organizations. These groups can have either a negative or positive impact on students. First, we have to look what a fraternity or sorority is (Penn State Student Affairs).

Greek letter organizations can impact the overall personality and values of college students involved. Greek letter organizations can include Greek letter associations, sororities, clubs, and Greek life. These associations basically comprise of exclusively all females or all males. Individuals from a Greek letter organization share common objectives and understandings of the association's necessities, customs, and connections. Enrollment into these organizations is usually reserved for undergraduate college students.

Greek letter organizations, with their exaggeration on student relations, give a platform for individuals to make their very own personality through the association. Personality creation for those in a transitioning part of their life, similar to college students, depends intensely on who you collaborate with and who you fabricate associations with. Greek letter organizations offer open doors for approaching college students to connect with, and make associations with, various people to shape their personality.

Greek letter organizations require students to have a set amount of credits earned, an average or above average GPA, and no conduct violations. Additionally, they require a money related duty through the installment of part levy. This fee may vary from chapter to chapter. Being encompassed and reinforced by other people who additionally share, in all likelihood, fundamentally the same as classes, family circumstances, and budgetary responsibilities can influence how adolescents' personalities are made in this transitional period. This causes greater unanimity inside the parts, and Greek life all in all.

Greek letter associations depend vigorously on the relationship among its individuals, both dynamic and graduated class. Through practices that unite the part all in all, organizations and sororities place accentuation upon the bond that is made through their mutual Greek alliance. These bonds are made through instructive, social, and formal bonds that manufacture the connections. Instructive practices of these holding practices can comprise of the scholarly requests of enrollment in Greek Letter associations. With weight from advanced education in itself and scholarly measures, for example, an insignificant evaluation point normal necessity, individuals have the help of their kindred individuals who are likewise under comparable weights of progress to bond and make associations with. Individuals likewise can make shared connections over their coursework. Social practices, for example, sisterhoods or fellowships unite the part overall. These comprise of both non-alcoholic and alcoholic occasions that enable the individuals to assemble better connections inside the part. Associating with individuals on a reliable premise takes into account a more extensive introduction to various world perspectives, instructive practices, and sentiments that changes a dualistic impression of the world to one that comprehends assortment of points of view and a bigger schematic limit. Before school, youngsters who go to depend all the more vigorously upon their folks or parental figures for direction through troublesome changes or unpleasant life circumstances.

Financial class affects how a person's character is made. Since it depends intensely upon the social class and abundance of guardians, youngsters by and large have little versatility while in their childhood to change their social class. Social class, both high and low, influences the fate of youth. For some, it traces what their future may hold and the accessibility of chance. School instruction, in itself, is a benefit as a result of expanding costs. As desires blow up, more is expected to simply meet absolute minimum necessities for progress, and a school instruction has logically turned into a standard, rather than a benefit. Upper white-collar class college students in advanced education were additionally bound to be associated with temporary jobs and off-grounds considers related to Greek Life. Greek letter associations give associations with individuals over the world, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Philippines. Individuals. Individuals are naturally associated with dynamic and graduated class individuals from their own sections, and of any Greek letter association over the world. Individuals' associations increased through these favored associations offers openings and potential for progress outside of simply legitimacy-based achievement. Class, in its capacity to pick up these associations, starts, at that point, to offer accomplishment throughout everyday life, no longer simply depending on legitimacy or advances through individual improvement.

Notwithstanding class, racial factors inside Greek letter associations assume an enormous job in how character can be made. Related to class, Greek life among college students in North America comprises principally of Caucasian individuals. Certain sections just acknowledge individuals from a specific race or legacy. This adds to the unanimity.

While this unanimity can act as a support structure for students. It can also embolden individuals to partake in more discriminatory acts against fellow students. An example of this occurred in 2015 when a viral video of members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon of the OU chapter were shown engaging in racist chants on a bus. As well as another incident from the same organization but originating from their Wisconsin-Madison chapter after an individual who is a part of the chapter, reported multiple occurrences of racist, anti-Semitic and anti-LGBT behavior (Svrluga).

At Penn State, we have witnessed the negative Greek organizations as seen with the Piazza incident. Timothy Piazza, young student at Penn State UP, was “hazed” by his fraternity brothers on the 2nd of February, 2017. Due to their negligence, Piazza consumed an exorbitant amount of alcohol and fell down a staircase within the shared house members lived in. A 911 call was not placed until the next morning, roughly twelve hours after the original fall. Piazza later died as a result of the hazing. This conflicts with the overall mission of Greek organizations to bring together members and unite them under a common banner or standard. Yet as seen in this instance the complete opposite has occurred (Pallotto).

There are still numerous accounts of hazing within Greek organizations even though these acts have been prohibited by the NPHC (National Pan-Hellenic Council). These incidents can lead to mental and physical scars that can haunt an individual for life or as previously stated even death. Hazing has been an integral part of Greek organizations initiation process for well over a century. And authoritative bodies have stepped in to prevent these incidents from occurring (Cokley).

While becoming a member of a Greek organization can bring a bond between students as well as a support for the tough transition into college life. It can also breed negative personality traits. As seen with some hazing incidents, certain individuals exude more selfish qualities. There have been cases of Greek members interacting with outside individuals and members where less than ideal outcomes have occurred, as made noticeable with the racist chants used by Sigma Alpha Epsilon members on a bus. Greek organizations are a conflicting topic but while we argue about there necessity for existence or for their abolition, there are still members who may be molded into non-upstanding citizens.

01 August 2022
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