Persuasive Essays Examples

As the title implies, persuasive essays must persuade the readers regarding the opinion of the author. You may talk about the lack of any factual evidence between autistic children and vaccination or come up with an animal cruelty persuasive essay. The choice of topics is virtually endless here because you should make a strong point and use all you can to persuade the target audience by proving that you are right. Unlike a typical argumentative essay, this type of writing is slightly different because your tone must implement various methods to explain and justify your point. It’s insufficient to say that something is wrong because you have to prove it and make substantial claims that are supported by the facts. Keep your readers inspired and tell them about the solutions as well.  ...

Persuasive Essays Structure 

As a rule, your grading rubric will provide you with a template, yet not many students know that there are specific tricks that can make a persuasive essay even better. For example, if you are planning to write an animal abuse persuasive essay, you should follow this structure: 

– An introduction that explains why the problem exists. 

– A short paragraph with statistical information and a reputable quote. 

– Your main thesis statement is where you persuade your readers to stop animal abuse and take the action. 

– A body paragraph where you talk about the reasons why this problem occurs. 

– A paragraph where you provide solutions. 

– References to social campaigns and the solutions that have worked. 

– Short conclusion paragraph where you make a call to action instead of a simple summary. 


– You have discussed the background of the problem by starting with a hook sentence.

It can be an interesting fact or statistical information that is further supported by the source. Just omit doing it in the first 2 sentences.

You have provided statistical data that supports the importance of your problem or an issue discussed.

People love to hear the facts, so take time to research things and take notes in advance.

You have a strong thesis statement that makes a claim with an objective to persuade the readers.

Your opinion must be clear and accessible without sounding like an assumption. Keep the tone factual!

You have explained why the problem takes place.

You can talk about the history of an issue by turning to the background of the problem.

You have mentioned various solutions and examples that prove why your point of view is correct and justified.

Depending on the subject, these may include social campaigns and solutions that have already shown their efficiency.

There is a call to action in the conclusion paragraph.

You must persuade and motivate your readers to action.

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