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Let's Stop The Process Of Deforestation Together

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Deforestation is slowly destroying our world, God gave us the job to protect and take care of the things he made. Environmental Stewardship is the idea that we are entrusted with care and protection of our planet. But, because of the terrible things we do, we’re doing the complete opposite, we are hurting God’s creation.

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I chose this issue because I have learnt that God is the source of every single blessing so we should try our best to make sure his blessings live. He blessed us with trees so it is our job to make sure nothing happens to them. When we cut down trees they aren’t the only thing we are getting rid of in this world. We are getting rid of the homes of many animals such as squirrels, birds, monkeys, etc. not only that but, trees are the source of oxygen. So when we cut down trees there will be less of them and less of us. I have learned that 80% of earth’s land animals live in the forest so where will they go when all the homes are destroyed? As well as trees clean our soil, phytoremediation is the scientific name for the intake of dangerous chemicals and other pollutants that infiltrate the soil. So can you imagine what would happen to our food if trees weren’t there to cleanse the soil, all our food would have chemicals or poisons in them.

A solution to this issue is to simply just plant a newer, younger tree every time you cut down an old one. If we do this there would be the same amount of trees, and we wouldn’t have to worry about having less oxygen. Or something that may also work is to stick with companies that are strictly against deforestation. Some companies that are already against deforestation or trying to get there are Disney, Disney has refused to work with any paper suppliers that are connected to deforestation. Hershey is working to get all their palm oil from reliable sources by the end of this year, and Wilmar International is the world’s biggest palm oil trader they have also refused to work with companies connected to deforestation.

In addition, McDonald’s, Nestle and Unilever are more companies that have made pledges for the end of deforestation. So as you can see, there are many companies and people trying to put an end to the clearing of trees. We should all be like these companies and pledge to stop deforestation. Like my slogan says, save our world, put an end to deforestation!

01 April 2020

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