Compare and Contrast Essays Examples

As the title implies, the most important here is to compare and contrast something that you have been given. For example, when you have to compose an assignment where this type of writing is required, you must take notes and form a methodology that would explain how exactly you would like to compare things. The same relates to contrasting work where you should create a table with two columns and let your readers know what kind of comparison has been made.  ...

Compare and Contrast Structure

Speaking of compare and contrast essay examples college style, it is essential to learn more about the structure of such an assignment. The trick is to choose your variables to work with. Think about what can be compared and why before you start to ensure that you provide sufficient information. Here’s what you must include as you compose this type of college writing: 

– An introduction with the background of the problem. 

– Methodology part with a brief explanation of how and what you would like to compare. 

– Comparison paragraph 1. 

– Comparison paragraph 2. 

– A paragraph about limitations. 

– Analysis of the outcomes and your thesis. 

– Conclusion paragraph that sums things up.


– Your writing has a strong introduction with an explanation of the problem and statistical information (if it is relevant).

You talk about the reasons why you have chosen to compare something. It can be a brief reference to some studies or the quote that you use closer to the end of the paragraph.

The criteria to work with are shown via the table or a clear structure that fully reflects and let the readers understand what is being compared and how exactly.

This is where you have to analyze things and estimate how to fit within the word count and the requirements of your task. Check with the grading rubric just to stay safe.

Follow the same set and a method of comparing things per single paragraph. Do not introduce several ideas in the same paragraph but divide them from the most important to the least important.

Doing so will help you to avoid keeping things scattered and unclear.

Your assignment provides a clear analysis of the findings in an accessible and logical manner.

You talk about what you could discover and how it differed from what you have anticipated in your introductory paragraph.

You have discussed the limitations that you faced as you worked with the samples group.

Comparing things is not always easy, so you should mention what kind of restrictions have been found.

There is a conclusion paragraph that sums things up and explains the findings in your own words.

It is also possible to provide recommendations to your readers.

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