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Online Vs Traditional Classes In College

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The traditional way of going to college is far more superior than going to college online. Anyone can take online classes, it’s convenient and works for you. But it doesn’t really prepare students for life. At a traditional university there is so much diversity and so much interpersonal interactions that can’t be experienced in online courses. At a traditional college students can join a fraternity, sorority or some type of organization. You can even play intramural sports. Is that possible in online college oh, I didn’t think so. Plus there wouldn’t be any worrying about is the online college that the student is participating in even accredited. 

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At a traditional university get the chance to meet and interact with people of all different cultures, where as in online college students are exposed to those same experiences. At a traditional university there are so many groups and organizations that you can join like Delta Xi Nu, Kappa Delta Chi, Phi Iota Alpha. There are a variety of fraternities and sororities that you could join. Also the students have the ability to meet the professor and peers in person which if participating in online college is just something you can’t do. So when it comes to getting feedback the student can receive the professor’s response right when the question is asked in the traditional college setting, instead of having to wait for their professor or peers to have time to response to them in online college. 

When it comes to getting employed having a traditional degree is better than having an online degree. Because if a student attained their degree physically on campus then employers won’t have to question the credibility of the of the university. If the student were to have an online degree and it was from a university that didn’t have an established traditional campus the it wouldn’t be looked upon with favor. Because a lot of decisions about hiring are usual based on reputation, name and recognition. So a degree from an online college that has no reputation and very little recognition could honestly be useless. According to this news editor Paul Fain, and his review on the proof at a negotiated rule making session with the U. S Department of Education showed that “Faculty and academic leaders, employers and the general public are skeptical about the quality and value of online education, which they view as inferior to face-to-face education”. 

When it comes to getting a degree online there is an extreme requirement of self-discipline and self-direction because unlike traditional university were every student is assigned an academic advisors that tell them what classes they should take according to the degree plan they are on. In online college students are more in charge of what classes they take and the information students need about their degree plan, they don’t have a academic advisor or a career counselor it’s really all on the student. So they really have to take ownership on their education and really focus on what they need to get done. If they take the wrong courses that are not apart of their degree plan then they can find themselves in an academic standstill or they can even have trouble getting financial aid. So if online college has been on the mind of any students out there I just want you to know that it’s not as easy as it sounds. Yes it’s online but it’s still a lot of work that goes into it, so if self control and being responsible isn’t one of the these students virtues then I highly recommended going to traditional college. Because yes in traditional college you still have to have these qualities but there is also more stability than online college. 

I’m not saying that online education is an absolute waste in it’s entirety because at times it can prove useful in many ways. Like if a young woman was pregnant and was weeks away from giving birth and could come to class then she would still want to get her work done. So she would do her work online. Or even if there were families that couldn’t afford to send their children to a four year university so they resorted to online college. Yes I understand stand online college can be a vital tool to educate more of the world. And I understand that it is still college so the end is the same result the students either earn and associates, bachelors or a masters degree. But as far as online college being the primary source of education I don’t believe that is the best route. It just that learning may have some good things about it I feel like the bad out way the good. 

As for me I believe that the traditional college experience is the move. Yeah online college may be cheaper and maybe even faster at times but traditional college is superior. If I were to participate in online college I would be by myself and I wouldn’t get to meet new people. It’s like a routine, basically teaching you to be an introvert person. Online college really takes the fun out of education it’s just you and a computer screen. Yeah that’s not for me, so I really just want to encourage every high school student to go to an actual physical university. You won’t regret it and I guarantee you. Don’t let traditional college become a thing of the past because if we do, we’ll probably be living in a society full of introverted people. 

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10 Jun 2021

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