Profile Essays Examples

Even though it is easy to encounter at least one profile essay example these days when you are a college student, not many actually know the definition or why these are written. A profile essay is close to what you may see in an informative essay when you need to describe an event that you have attended, a place, a person, or some concept. The trick is to remain factual and add a sufficient amount of descriptive writing where you keep things interesting for your target audience. Even though an average profile essay example will be written in the first person, it should not become a personal essay! You must let your readers experience an event or something on their own and form a specific opinion. The profile essay should be written in the present tense to keep things more enjoyable. ...

Profile Essay Structure

Unless you have to compose a personal profile essay example, the purpose here is to tell a story and have a great start, which should be reflected in the structure of your essay:

– An introduction that has a strong hook sentence.
– A thesis statement that sets the line and unfolds your subject or profile.
– Three to five body paragraphs that include direct quotes and observations.
– An analytical paragraph before the conclusion to explain things to your readers.
– Conclusion with a moral lesson and a brief summary.


– Your story starts with a strong hook sentence and inspires the readers to explore the subject further on.

Your introduction must offer some information regarding the profile of an event or a place, a person, or a concept that you are planning to explore.

Your thesis statement must have an informative constituent to it and make a bold claim about some interesting fact that sets the profile apart.

The purpose is to help others to define the most important bits of information as you work on your essay.

You have used direct quotes and explanations.

Your writing should have good references and direct quotes because you have to write the essay in the first person without making it an “about me” sort of thing (unless specified)

You may implement interviews or the chronology of some events.

Talking about a particular person, the use of an interview or the facts list can be essential.

You have provided some analysis and helped your readers to see your main points clearly.

While your tone must be descriptive, it should also be analytical to the point.

Your conclusion has a strong moral lesson where you talk about what has been learned and how it can be used.

As you sum things up, use a relevant quote or pose a moral lesson.

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