Last Bucket List That Was Filled by the Whole Community

Eddie was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor and only has 6-12 months to live. To make the most of it, his foster mom made a bucket list for him. Surprisingly, the community supported him all the way! Rescue pup with malignant tumor was given the chance to become a snappy K-9 by a Police in Pasco, Washington.

Eddie was abandoned and homeless before he was rescued walking around Benton City. Benton County animal control officer, Carin Brown, told HLN they first received a call about the pup in October 2019 but caught him only in November. 'We thought he had been hit by a car,' she said. 'We rushed him to the vet and we discovered that he, unfortunately, had cancer.' Thankfully, Carin’s friend and Mikey's Chance canine rescue, Kristi Kesler, agreed to be Eddie’s foster mom as long as he lives. Because of the illness, Eddie is blind in one eye and only has 6 to 12 months' time to live. 'He's just the best dog, so friendly, so well-behaved, he knows all of his commands, he's just the sweetest thing,' Carin said. 'He deserves six months to a year of all the love and happiness that we can give him.'

To make the dog’s remaining time most memorable, Kristi created a bucket list for him, who she dearly calls 'Eddie Spaghetti' and that includes becoming a police K-9. 'I thought maybe he might get his picture taken with an officer in a car, I thought maybe if he were lucky, he might go for a car ride, but I never dreamed it would be this big for him,' Kristi told KEPR. Eddie even got his own uniform custom-made, with real police patches. He also sworn as police K-9 before going out on patrol in a promise to 'apprehend bad guys, search out narcotics and put people in jail.' 'We believe in helping people and that also means helping animals in our community, so we have all come together as a family and are all fighting alongside Eddie,' Police Detective Julie Lee told KEPR.

They took Eddie around town and his first duty call was for 'service to pick up property' in an auto shop where he received a basketful of treats, food, and toys. The store even made a donation for his medical bills. Another stop was in a donut shop. Inevitably, real Police are not without coffee and doughnuts. 'He is just such a lover. You would never suspect that he was abused or neglected,' Julie said. But there’s still more to Eddie’s list. So, some local residents helped him check those items out, like having pictures with Santa and still, Kristi hopes the remaining items including a ride in a motorcycle sidecar, and a kissing booth star, will be fulfilled.

Overall Kristi told she was very touched by all the people who want to contribute and make a difference on the pup’s life. She was extremely gratefull to everyone who helped to fill Eddie's bucket list. Moreover, officer Julie herself was amazed at the overwhelming support for Eddie.

01 August 2022
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