A Bucket List for Fulfilling Life

A bucket list. Something which is so simple yet can come to fruition through courage. I agree, taking a leap of faith can be daunting. It is the idea of the unknown, of breaking that routine and flying out of your comfort zone. But that is exactly what life is about, as life can be magical if only we allow it.

Our generation has some sort of pride in being busy, people are … busy being busy. Achieving no real goal, just existing not living. A bucket list should be your palpable life plan and your business/career goals should weave around this, not the reverse. Do people live to work or work to live? 69% of our global mass have a bucket list, but how many of that 69% actually go on to carry out those goals of theirs. We have too many members of our society sleepwalking through life, they are miserable just doing the same old, same old, they are living in default rather than with desire. Ambition to go and be successful, to push boundaries, to have an outrageous career change, to drop everything and just travel for a year. 

There was a hospital study done on 100 elderly people, they were facing death, close to their last breath, they were asked to reflect on their lives biggest regret. Nearly all of them said that they regretted, not the things they did do, but the things that they didn’t do. It was the risks that they didn’t take, the dreams they didn’t pursue, that they regretted. So, we need to wake up, and ask ourselves why do we exist? Life is not meant to simply work, wait for the weekend and then pay our rent. Every single one of us on this earth has a gift, something special and unique which should motivate us to succeed, to inspire others and achieve great things. 

Overall a mammoth number of people are stuck in the mindset that they are ‘too old’ to go and grab their dreams. To put this into perspective, think about a funeral. An event that is essentially, the highlights of your life, the photos, videos, your favorite song and closest people. Imagine if you had your funeral right now, how would you feel? Would you be euphoric or would you wish you had achieved a bit more? Been that tad braver, more compassionate and caring? Well do it. Make that change now, tell that guy you are love with him. Go and make the initial moves to set up your passion of owning a coffee shop. Get up on that stage and sing your heart out (even if you and everyone else knows that you are tone deaf). Book that flight to Rome because ever since you were 5 you have dreamed of setting foot in the Colosseum. Just do these things. Be passionate. Be courageous. Be a bucket lister.

01 August 2022
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