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My Soul Motivation To Be Make A Contribution To The Field Of Mechanical Engineering

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From the beginning, i was inclined towards the “mechanics of things”. As a kid, I would break my toys to know the inner working parts of them and would create something else fascinating out of it. And my interest in things went up when I reached the 10th standard. If anything in the home used to break and if it was related to machines, I was the first to experiment on them be it the cycle or a non-working clock. I never missed a chance on that. During my high school, I along with mechanics I gained interest in the formula racing too, which became my soul motivation for opting the mechanical engineering.

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And during the college years, I wanted to create an automobile design that stands above all. I have attended events such as IMechE Formula student UK 2016 and Formula student Czech Republic 2016 as a team member and after gaining exposure to proper experience and skillset I ably managed to lead my own team in the following events-IMechE Formula Student UK 2017 and Formula Bharat 2018. (I visited UK, Scotland, France, Germany, Belgium &Czech Republic which gave me so much exposure. ) And after completing my bachelors in mechanical engineering, to gain more insight into the mechanics I have opted to do masters in the same. Few of the key subjects I studied during my graduation were Production Technology, Thermal Engineering, Kinematics of Machines, Strength of Materials, Thermal and IC Engines, Engineering Materials and Metallurgy, Dynamics of Machines, Heat and Mass Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Machine Design, Automobile Engineering and Mechatronics. All these subjects further persuaded me to work more on Engineering basics and integrated production mechanism with which industries work. Looking at the pace at which the technology is growing, it gives me an immense motivation to contribute to the cutting edge designs. My aim to create an engine mechanism that is powerful and which at the same time doesn’t disrupt the natural surroundings. I have been gaining the knowledge required to do so for past years and to some point I have been able to do so. As in person I believe in leadership and achieve goals by playing as a team and that I have learned from the various projects that I managed both as a leader and as a team player. And driving principle of my life is (discipline)and I am very enthusiastic about what I do.

During the visit to one of the events in the UK I came across to one of the teams of your institution which persuaded me to go for your institution and upon research I found that your institution provides exactly the environment I am looking forward to. The reason I am looking to study in the United Kingdom is that of its multicultural diversity and the best research facilities in the world. Moreover the program, the university is providing is in accordance that the best could be made out of it and with proper exposure and learning I can contribute in the existing technology and make it an innovative one. I feel that studying MS in Mechanical Engineering will give me the better opportunity to improve myself for my future in implementing my skillset to create an innovative automotive design that has the capability to change the perspective of the mechanical industry. It will also deepen my expertise.

15 April 2020

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