My Biggest Regret In Life

In "One Of My Biggest Regret Essay" paper I will share with you my biggest regret in my life. One of the biggest regrets in my life was not talking to my dear grandfather before he passed away. My grandfather was a proud man and one of the people I respect most in my entire life. He had countless amounts of amazing experiences, all the, which I was unable to hear. He passed away at 75, I didn’t even get to see him during his last moments as he was in his house, and I had to go to school. When I heard that he passed away, I didn’t believe it at first. Why? Because he has cheated death before. He was in a serious car accident before, broke his legs and was ‘presumed’ dead. He was placed in the morgue, when hospital staff noticed that he was much alive and breathing. So, of course when they told me he passed away I couldn’t believe it.

I kept repeating to myself and my family members that it was not true. He’s alive. He’s a strong man, he can’t die that easily. I was crying, crying so much, for not being able to be there during his final moments. It is something I regret doing this day. I remember crying, but still clinging on to that tiny ray of hope that he was still alive and they were mistaken about him being dead. Then came the day for his funeral. His body was released and it was being transported to our house for funeral arrangements. I stood there, with my eyes wide open, they brought his coffin, and I simply remembered crying non-stop. They opened the coffin, and there he was. Once, my strong, kind and loving grandpa slept there so peacefully. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t stop crying and I was standing there. Waiting for him to get up, tell me, they mistook him for being dead, for him to embrace me and tell me everything was okay.

That didn’t happen. He was gone. The amount of pain I felt is indescribable. One of the biggest regrets is that I was unable to listen to his experiences. He loved me and my little brother. He treasured us so much and gave up everything he could. He was an organized man. When I visited his house, after he passed away, everything was neatly packed and cleared away.

I remembered getting to the house and breaking down again. I went to his room and it was so dark. His towel and clothes were there. I remember clutching on to them so hard. I couldn’t let him go. I loved him so much. Before, the house was so full of light, when we approached the house with our car, he would always run out and wait for us to get out the car, so he can give us a warm embrace. I miss him so much.

There, lay his coffin, under the ground. Words cannot describe what I felt. It was the realization that he was gone, spiritually and physically. My uncle then picked me up and took me away. I was depressed. Of course, I got over it over time. I miss him every day. I wish he was still alive. Currently, I have all the letters and photographs. I look at them and cry each time. I miss him so much.

If I could go back in time, I would like to meet him, tell him that I am his grandson from the future and listen to his experiences. I regret not listening to his experiences and not telling him that I loved him before he passed away.



31 October 2020
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