Maleficent: Choice Between Evil and Good


The issue I can find in this movie is The Human Capacity for Evil. Quoted by Maleficent in the movie, who wishes to protect Princess Aurora from all the evil in this world but it is difficult and nearly impossible, ‘there is an evil in this world, hatred and revenge. And I cannot keep you from it’. Evil, has always existed in many forms and will continue to prosper in different places and in different ways. It shows the dark side of human which including hatred, betrayal, greed, lying and etcetera, all of which are evil. In Malaysia, the crime index ratio per 100,000 populations in the year of 2019 had reach 256.6. Malaysia has suffered several incidents, such as the ISIS-inspired attack, a grenade attack as well as increase in kidnappings for ransom in Malaysian territorial waters off. This issue undermines the country’s security, and if it is not stopped, it may fall into uncontrollable tension.


In my opinion, the movie is trying to convey that human nature in each and every individual consists of evil elements, but whoever he or she chooses to become is solely in their own hands. In this world, there are evil and good. The battleline between good and evil runs through the heart of every man as per Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn quoted. However, humans have the ability and option to select. The evil and good will be fighting in humans’ mind and the one you feed the most will win and prevail. Thus, life is about the choices we had and the selection we make.


1. First of all, Maleficent and Stefen were childhood friends and their relationship has strengthened into a meaningful romantic bond. However, Stefen is overshadowed by his emerging ambition which is his temptations toward the human kingdom and stops communicate with Maleficent. Years later, Maleficent and Stefan reunited in the Moors. Despite rekindling their emotional bond, Stefan’s plan all along was to reconnect with Maleficent in order to fulfil King Henry’s proposition. When nights fall, he drugs her, cutting off her wings and abandon unconscious Maleficent. He presents the wings to the king in order to claim that she was slain and become the king. Most actions by an individual are solely for the benefits of themselves, rather than the others. When people chooses to harm others for the benefit of themselves or to achieve their own goals, it is an evil element shows in the human nature.

2. Maleficent has arrive to the uninvited event to celebrate the born of Princess Aurora. Bent on revenge, she places an irrevocable curse upon Princess Aurora, King Stefan's new born daughter for eternity that she will pricks her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel on her sixteenth birthday before the sunsets. However, after Stefen begged her to spare his daughter’s life, she then includes that the curse can only be lifted only by a true love kiss. Cursing is not a good choice to release anger or hatred. One’s capacity of evil has the capability to ruin the others who merely wanted to live in peace. It manifests that people could either allow their emotions to control them or master, accept and control their own emotions.

3. Lastly, when we look at Stefen’s action in the final decisive fight between him and Maleficent, we can see that he does not want to be defeated. Even though Maleficent spare his life when she is close to choke him to death, he jumps on Maleficent when she turns to fly off. He fails to let go his resentment and obsession that led to his final death. This is due to he wanted to kill her at all his costs and eventually killing himself by falling off a tower. Therefore, to those who has chosen to be consumed by vengeance and harm the others, this might lead the worse to be happened on themselves.


In conclusion, human life is made up of an infinite amount of choices, either evil or good. To be aware that, do not make any decision when one is in a bad mood or condition. We must accept the consequences of the actions and decision that had been done which it depends strongly on the choices we made. One cannot control what happens to oneself, but can control the way and the choices to face them with a positive mental frame of mind or attitude without any evil capacity to harm the others for own good.

01 August 2022
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