Global Problem of Littering

I believe that motivational factors for every person differ from the other person. I agree with this idea. Posting grades in public create positive competition. There is no reward for being the most effective; this event keeps students from doing anything to harm other students to be the best but keeps the prestige of being the best in the system Some schools or teachers believe that it will motivate students to perform better.

Posting people's, scores would make people work harder and help them do the work, become more responsive to their assignments. Also, for those who did not get high grades, they become more eager to learn and to progress by getting a higher grade. However, it will motivate mainly those students who already get A’s and B’s. Speaking about those who get straight A’s, they will most likely want to demonstrate that they can perform on the same level. There, such a practice will be motivational. Speaking about those students who mostly get B’s, they will definitely want to show that they can do better, which means that posting their grades on bulletin boards will be motivational. If an F- student sees his grades posted right next to a straight-A student's grades, he/ she will most likely start competing with that student and this event will bring up the grades. Even, the child will now understand the competition and use it throughout his/ her life. Students share what grade they receive with each other, and they compare their graded works to figure out their mistakes.

In assessing the tutorial desires of learners those from a poor background, we should not overlook the motivational impact of public competition. Posting grades on bulletin board, enhance competition between students. Learners need to perceive competition to train themselves for their own life, and some others will have to work harder than others if they require to induce themselves the best. The issue of whether displaying marks is virtuously favorable or not should be reconsidered when it is a learner’s life success that lies in the balance. Posting students', grades on bulletin boards would encourage them to perform higher due to the humiliation created with a bad grade. To avoid the same fate again, bad scorers would study and study more, thus creating better grades in the next test. Public humiliation will, of course, includes peer pressure. A popular person at school would undoubtedly be intended to check more; they do not want to lose their position. A poor-performing person will study to avoid the laugh created by self-important peers. Also, high-scoring students would also study hard to retain their high grades.

The primary aim is to learn something new and to acquire new skills which will later use while doing their studies. T is unimportant to be excellent at everything. What every student needs to remember is that they should find something they are passionate about and to do their best, so that, to make all their dreams come true. Getting straight A’s in every subject at school does necessarily mean that a person will start an impressive career right away or even find a well-paid job.

Say all the main points, especially, this was done in my middle school. When final examinations are over, students want to know their partial class standing. So, the instructors are posting students' grades with their student numbers but some instructors put students' names on the list instead of student numbers only making a student being embarrassed, especially when he got a failing grade. And, if schools or teachers post the scores in the bulletin board, students can see a list of grades of students they handle in their classes. It is good that they do this because other students are afraid to ask the teacher what be their standing so it is better to see the list than ask personally, however you can still ask the instructor directly for some clarifications and to see proofs why they gave such grades.

Students don't always start outputting in enough time or approach their work from a good problem-solving perspective. Posting grades can show them that putting in a few amounts, or a lot of effort may get them the results they seek. They take classes, and if they do not perform well they blame the instructor. We need to stop sheltering young people and help them become more attuned to their strengths and weaknesses. It's always alright not to be perfect!      

29 April 2022
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