Dubai Burj Khalifa - the Tallest Structure of the World

Explore “A living Wonder”, a stunning feat of engineering, “the Vertical City”, Burj Khalifa. Also known as Burj Dubai, it is the tallest building of the World. It stands with a height of 828 meters, over 200 story’s having 160 habitable levels. The incredible structure was designed inspired from the Spider Lilly, it has no match in both concept and implementation. Not only in structure, but the design of spider lilly is found in every aspect of this building. In Burj Khalifa, the world can witness Dubai’s vision of diversifying from an oil-based economy to excelling in development like no one else. With splendid heights and magnificent 360ᵒ view of the Dubai city and Persian Gulf, Burj Khalifa has also been a topmost tourist attraction. 

At the Top Burj Khalifa

Ascend to 124th level on the world’s fastest double deck elevator going up at 10m/s. Sight the ever-growing skyline of the Emirates of Dubai with a bird's-eye view. People can learn everything about the architecture and technology of the tower and look through live historic and night views with Avant-grade, high resolution telescopes.

There’s much more to explore on level 125 too. Standing at a height of 456 meters, 125ht floor is furnished in Arabian mashrabiya style. Fly across the 360ᵒ viewer deck and get a superb view of the City.

Tourists can buy souvenir photographs and capture Burj Khalifa moments forever;sStep on the glass floor feeling glass cracking under their feet; a twisted experience at lofty heights. 

At the Top Timings

The marvelous sunrise can be witnessed every Friday and Saturday between 5:30am to 8:00am. The sunrise tour enables you to view the skyline of Dubai in the excellent form as you get to see the sparkling rays of sun from the East beginning to fall on every structure so smoothly. However, this tour only includes observation from 124th floor. 

The Lounge Burj Khalifa

At the height of 585 meters, the highest lounge in the World has lots of things to explore. The lounge spreads across levels 152, 153 and 154. Sight the mesmerizing architecture of magnificent 3-story curving staircase, black granite floors, pearlescent panels, stainless steel and glass. Above them all, the spectacular fountain symbolizing the importance of fountains in Arabic culture is worth admiring.


Overall, while visiring Burj Khalifa tourists can have an experience of drinking tea in the clouds or drinking coctails under the stars. With all these activities being offered, Burj Khalifa out stands all the tourist attractions of the city. Sunrise tour brings peace to mind. Sunset tours promise the best romantic evenings. Daytime tours show the splendid architecture of the city in its actual form while the nighttime tour gives the best sparkling views of the city in the dark. The building offers a fun time for families, couples and friends. The living wonder stands in the center with magnificent glory symbolizing the dynamic enhancements of the city within a short time period.

01 August 2022
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