The Role of Educational Process Through Naturalistic Philosophical Approach

What is Naturalism?

Naturalism is an approach to philosophical problems that interprets them as tractable through the methods of the empirical sciences or at least, without a distinctively a prior project of theorizing. In addition, naturalism is based on the assumption that nature is the whole reality; so, nature is a total system that contains and explains all existence, including human beings and human nature.

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Aims of Education Accirding to Naturalism 

According to the Darwinian school of naturalists, the aim of education should be able to equip the individuals for struggle for existence and thus to ensure their survival. According to the Lamarckian, education should enable the individuals to adjust themselves in the environment. In addition, education should aim at natural development of the individual and enhance the self-expression of the individual.

Nature of Learning

They should learn by doing method in order to ensure active involvement of learners in the teaching process. There should be self-government and self-effort of learners to learn by themselves. There should be practise of observation method, where students observes their surrounding environment, people, and things and learn from their observation. There can be learning, by doing different methods of teaching according to the interests, capacities and aptitude of the learner.

Role of the Teacher

The teacher must be approachable when a leaner meets difficulties and need someone to vent on, a teacher should behave sympathetically and affectionately towards the children. The teacher should understand about the situation of his or her learners, their needs and their interests. Since a teacher is a stage setter, so the teacher should give the stage to students to learn by themselves, in so doing the teachers helps the leaners to self-explore. Lastly, the teacher should create and facilitate learning situations or environment so that learners can be able to learn by themselves and not always stressing learners about books, recitation, and amassing information in literary form but emphasizes activity.

Role of the Learner

As we know that a child is not a noble savage, or a primitive unspoiled by the voices of a corrupting society, but a child’s needs, instincts, and impulses are the ones to be trusted and relied upon as the raw ingredients of further education. Therefore, naturalism is a concept that firmly believed that ultimate reality lies in the nature of the matter. A leaner should be able to approach problems and able to solve them. Learners should be able to express themselves regardless of their gender, race or their background.


Due to naturalism as a philosophical approach nature and everything around us – is the whole reality. Naturalism considers education as a way for students to adjust themselves in the environment. Due to this the main role of the teacher – is to give an opportunity for his or hers student to main the goal of educational process. On the other hand, students must to express themselves as much as it possible and grow their individuality. 

07 July 2022

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