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The Importance Of Establishing A Positive Relationship Between Teacher And Student

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In these days, students and teachers’ relationship plays an important role in school and in the community. Teacher is the giver of information and students is the one who receive the gift of knowledge. Student love their teacher very much just like how they love their mother and father. Teacher serves as a second parent to the students and consider classroom as their home. Teacher cares very much to their student just like how they took good care their children in their house. Teachers treat their student as their own daughter or son.

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Almost all of us went to school and spent our five to ten hours of our day to study for about ten months of a year. In other words, we spent our time and see our teachers compare to our parents. ‘>Imagine a student who is sitting on his/her chair for eight hours of day times ten months of a year listening and writing a notes for whatever the topic of the teacher is. It is exhausting and tiring, am I right? But why students let this happen, it is because they want to finish their study, fulfill all their dreams and in order to catch up on, all of this they will be needing a very huge help to the person who can fulfill this needs that they are wanting to have and this person is their “teacher”. In this example of scenario it shows us how important to establish a positive relationship between a teacher and a student.

Helping the students how to read, write and understand their lesson is the main objective of the teachers to their students. Teacher makes their full effort to deliver their lesson in a very inviting and catching way to their students who are willing to listen on them. But sad to say there is still student who will just love to play and fooling around the school instead of harking and attending properly in school. Getting a hold like this kind of student is difficult to a teacher, yet they are extending their full effort to this students who needs a special attention to correct their unlovely attitude and make them realized how important of studying to their life is. Happy to say that teachers are doing their very best to gain a positive relationship to their student and making a full effort to make their students comfortable to interact with them.

Student will love also to be comfortable with their teacher because they can share their feelings and problems on them. But all of us know that students have also their limitation in communicating their teacher. A student and teacher who have the qualities of good interaction, respecting inside and outside the classroom, showing interest to the teachers lesson will establish a positive relationship in the classroom. Having established a positive relationship of the teachers with their students will encourage students to pursue education and be enthusiastic and to be in school which will help them fulfill their goals and dream in life.

01 February 2021

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