19 Amendment – The Right Of Women To Vote

I glared angrily as people whispered discreetly to themselves about voting and how women could not vote. This was unfair because why could men vote but I could not? I did most of the work in the house and I took care of the kids, while my husband went to work and after partied with his coworkers. I remembered all the hard work i did while my husband was at home. I smoothed my hand over my knee length dress and stood up from my spot in the chair. I had seen with my own eyes what other woman had been doing and i because of my husband and his schedule could not help.

I heard the door open and saw that Peter, my 5 year old was rubbing his eyes and asked me tiredly “what do we have for breakfast?” i smiled at him happily and told him “well, i decided that we could make codfish cakes together and some bacon!” He grinned excited,” I will wake up Rose, Charles, and Arthur!” he ran up the stairs as i told him to be careful. I carefully got all the ingredients ready and got to cooking.

By the time the kids all came down, i was done with everything. I set the food on the dining table and said “good morning!” which got tired and excited greetings back. After i was done i eating, i asked them all to clear the table with me.

I looked at the time and saw that it was time for the boys to go to school. Rose could not go since women were supposed to learn sewing and doing chores like a house wife. After teaching Rose about reading and writing, i looked out and saw that the newspaper had come. I looked at the newspaper and saw that some of the court cases from women protesting were on the paper. I looked at the paper and read aloud “ Women demanding and protesting about voting” I smiled and kept looking through the newspaper and found nothing interesting. I glanced at the time and saw that it was almost time for the kids and my husband to come home. After I cleaned up a little bit, I went to greet my husband who had come just in time for me to be ready. He went straight for the dining table. I looked at my husband in disgust, he did not even greet me! I sighed angrily but before i could get furious, Charles entered through the door and smiled brightly at me and greeted me before going into his room to most likely change. Charles was the oldest at 6 years old while Arthur and rose were fraternal twins. They all had red hair from me and blue eyes from their “loving” dad.

I looked at the morning sky and got ready for the next day. I turned on the stovetop and got all the cooking utensils ready for cooking. I thought of what I had to do today. I blinked in surprise. I actually had free time! Rose would be at a lesson to set up tea, my husband would be at work, and my boys were of course going to school. I think today after doing all the housework, i would go to a local rally of women fighting for their rights to vote. After I was done with all the work. I got dressed in better and non-dirty clothes and walked out of the house to the rally. I was greeted with woman from my neighborhood and people who I did not even know! I then got ready for the protest where we would walk around and protest.

When I got home I sent all the boys and Rose to bed while I waited for my husband to come home. When my husband got home, I gave him the food and went to bed after freshening myself up. I thought while I was in the bed about what I learned while in the protest, some men who were arguing had said that they had thought women were going to use the vote for someone attractive, but why would we? We have our chance to pitch in to our economy and have our opinions matter. Also men were saying we were too weak about the stress about voting. While this may be true for some women, other women had strong wills and minds to deal with voting and their house lifes. I soon went to sleep after that.

I woke up a year after that realization and realized that it was august 18th. The kids are now one year older and my husband is still the same old disgusting husband who does not even acknowledge me. The only reason I married him was because my parents approved of him and his family was known as honorable. After the first protest I actively participated in other protest and debates. I got ready for today and started cooking breakfast. I looked at the newspaper and gasped in excitement.” 19 Amendment Passed! Women are now allowed to vote!” I smiled and happily went through the rest of my day going out after doing the housework and celebrating the amendment with all the women who protested with us. I got ready for sleep that night with a smile on my face and had a peaceful rest of sleep.

03 December 2019
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