A Memorable Thanksgiving Of My Life

Who doesn’t want to celebrate Thanksgiving? Yes, everybody does. People plan to do many things to celebrate this special day with their family, friends and others. People invite their family members, decorate their home, and do a lot of entertainment stuff to celebrate this holiday. Turkey is an attraction of Thanksgiving Day. That’s why people buy turkey earlier to make sure they will have a turkey on Thanksgiving Day. People try to be prepared at their best as it is undoubtedly a good occasion to celebrate and make this day memorable. It can be a good time to go out with your family and celebrate Thanksgiving Day with them in a beautiful place. Last year we planned to celebrate our Thanksgiving in a new way. We decided to go to Manzanita Oregon to celebrate our thanksgiving as we heard about the beach Thanksgiving. It was not my first visit there as I went to Manzanita Oregon before. I had to wonder, seeing the beach and the environment as it looks very festive. Though I heard that Oregon in November look different than the whole year, I was surprised to see this with my own eyes. I felt so excited thinking that how would be our Thanksgiving at the beach. We had to book early as Oregon in November becomes so crowded place because of beach Thanksgiving. Oregon coast restaurants offer the best thanksgiving dinner for the people who loves to celebrate their Thanksgiving at the beach.

All seaside restaurants open at Thanksgiving and offer special Thanksgiving dinner. I am recommending you a few very good restaurants you should keep in your wish list. The Camp 18 restaurant is a must try restaurant for a Beach Thanksgiving Buffet and they may serve their regular camp 18 menu at Thanksgiving. The McMenamins gearhart hotel also offers a good buffet that you can try at your thanksgiving. Another good restaurant is Kendra’s River Inn. It could be a unique dinner at your thanksgiving because of its scenic setting. We had a good thanksgiving day at the Manzanita Oregon and it was our first Thanksgiving at the beach. I should say something about Airbnb. Our journey to Manzanita would not possible without their services. It expanded the rental market of the Oregon. Airbnb Manzanita has become the popular option for the customers. One can also try Airbnb Cannon Beach. We booked rentals through the website of the Airbnb. It provides a good matchmaking service between hosts and guests that can change your tourism experiences. VRBO Manzanita also makes a person’s life so easier through their professional services. So, you can take their services to get a rental according to your taste and budget.

Finally, it was a memorable thanksgiving of my life because it was the most fantastic one I had experienced ever. Really. Celebrating Thanksgiving at the beach was the coolest decision we have ever made. So, if you are thinking to have a unique thanksgiving, you must go to Manzanita Oregon to experience Thanksgiving at the beach.

03 December 2019
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