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When it comes to writing a critical analysis, movie critics do a lot of a great job, but after examining the reviews for Man of Steel it’s clear that they have made a misconception. Man of Steel only received 56% on rotten tomatoes. That type of score indicates that the movie was not a crowd-pleaser. Take a minute and think to yourself: What makes a movie immeasurable? You probably are thinking whether or not the movie is amusing or scary. These can be characteristics of what makes a movie great, but Ethan Hawke American actor, States “The thing that makes a good movie is one that’s not just entertainment, not just horror or sci-fi or whatever.” Hawke is saying a great movie is more than just your favorite genre. Hawke wants you to try to connect with the characters and look for underline messages. Men of steel allow you to do these things. Man of Steel is a superlative movie because of the way you connect to the characters, challenges that are faced and lessons that are learned throughout the movie.

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Being able to connect with a movie character personally is what makes a great movie, and Man of steel does a fantastic job of doing so. Man of steel wasn’t just a superman movie it was a Clark Kent movie. This movie displays what other Superman movies had no interest in showing. Man of Steel explicates that one of the most influential and well-known heroes can make mistakes and learn from them, make very challenging decisions and sacrifices. For instance, in the last scene of the movie where Superman and General Zod are battling, Superman a force to a decision, killing general Zod and saving humanity or saving general Zod which results in humans dying. Superman decided to kill Zod which is a decision that leaves him devasted because he has to murder someone which is against his motto, and the simple fact that he also annihilated the dream of his father to bridge between humans and Kryptonians, considering that Zod was one of two Kryptonians living including Superman himself after their planet was destroyed. People can connect to this on a personal level when thinking about very hard decisions they have to make that might have a huge effect on their future, whether it’s moving away from family to take a job promotion or stepping on family friends to get the promotion. It’s these difficult decisions and sacrifices that make an immeasurable movie.

The challenge that Superman faces and overcomes in Man of steel is why this movie is good. We all know the obvious challenge Superman faces like being vulnerable to the radiation of kryptonite. Kryptonite is a substance that was formed after superman home planet collapses. Zack Synder, director of Man of Steel, exposes us to some of Superman’s challenges that are more relatable, like relationship struggles and being accepted by the general public. An example of this in Man of steel is with superman relationship with Louis lane. Louis Lane is in love with Superman, but not Clark Kent. Louis Lane didn’t know Clark Kent was Superman. Superman covers his identity to protect her. This is something others might associate within a relationship because many may feel that protecting someone from the truth is the best idea in a relationship. Another challenge Superman faces in Man of steel is winning over the general public. Many people think of Superman as a weapon from another planet that might turn on humanity because he’s invincible, so there is always a doubt why people can’t trust him. People can relate to this because people who truly try to do the right thing are probably overlooked because of prejudgment and how they look and act. Others might not agree with Synder’s version of superman because he is more vulnerable and goes through challenges, he is Superman for God’s sake. People want to remember superman as the man of steel and they don’t want any veil of protection and strength pierced and any way or form. Dealing with humanity through Superman can become scary to others because it can get too close to their real lives and they rather have escapism to get away from the difficulties they face in their lives.

We tend to remember things that we learn if we find them significant. Being able to spot critical life lessons from a movie is what makes a good movie. We can find life lessons in Zach Snyder’s Man of Steel. One lesson we learn from the movie is learning to live with the things you cant change. Writer Anthony Simeone States “despite all his powers, Superman can’t save everyone. If he let it, the weight of all those he was unable to save would crush him. The only way he can keep himself sane is to resign himself to the fact that there will be some things he cannot change, while still doing his best to make all the positive contributions he can.” This implies that some situations are just out of your hands and you can’t do anything about it. An Example of this in Man of Steel is when Clark kent decided to go into concealing his identity from being Superman. He realizes being the World’s most prominent hero is very challenging because he can’t protect everyone, and how the world views him as some type of alien instead of a hero. Another lesson this movie teaches you is the importance of humility. Humility is the quality of being humble. Writer Anthony Simone creator of the article “Four Life Lessons we can Learn From Superman” mentions, “Superman could rule the world with an iron fist if he wanted to nonetheless, the character is a paragon of humility. He doesn’t use his gifts to others feel worthless.” What Simone is assuming, is Superman is invariably showing humility every time he helps someone or even by being a Superhero, because he can effortlessly become one of the world’s most renowned villains.

Man of Steel is a good movie because we can put ourselves in the character’s shoes, the struggles that overcome and the sacrifices that a made. Zack Synder’s take on Superman is an interesting one acknowledging that he not Super at all, which is a great point. Superman is more relatable to a sense. He has struggles, made sacrifices and took the world or his shoulders. Let’s be real can you relate to a man who can fly and have laser vision? Probably not but it’s the physical and emotional triumphs we can relate to. 

16 August 2021

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