A Review Of The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer By Mark Twain

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer was written by Mark Twain. Mark Twain, was an American writer, humorist, entrepreneur, publisher, and lecturer. He was known as the 'greatest humorist this country has produced'. Growing up in Missouri was the inspiration for The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, published in 1876. Inspired by his youth, Twain penned the clever escapades of a young boy. The Genre is a novel, and children's literature. The book is adventure fiction. 

This great story took place in a small town of St. Petersburg, Missouri, which rested on the Mississippi River, during the 1840s, in the antebellum period before the United States Civil War and the abolition of slavery. This book was published in 1876. Twain grew up in Hannibal Missouri, causing the inspiration of the fiction town and setting of St. Petersburg. The St. Petersburg Tom Sawyer lives in is filled with settings that are suitable for adventures, such as the caves he and Becky find themselves lost in, as well as a haunted house, a river, a graveyard, and an island. All of these places help make the story more exciting.

Tom Sawyer is the main character in this adventurous novel. Everything that happens revolves around him and mainly in every chapter of the book. Tom has a tremendous imagination as he is very disobedient and very mischievous when it comes to following the rules. Aunt Polly is Tom’s aunt. She is considered his legal guardian. She loves Tom with all her heart but she has a really hard time disciplining him, because of his crazy actions, she doesn’t know how to control him! Sidney is Tom’s half brother. Sidney comes off all innocent when it comes to obeying the family and all the rules but underneath the “behaving” side is a “not so innocent” sneaking tattle tail. Mary is Tom’s cousin. I would personally describe Mary as the “goody-goody” type because she wanted to try and change Tom’s behavior for the better. She would try bribing Tom with certain things, but Tom wasn’t on the same page with her on that. Another important character is Becky Thatcher. She was the new girl. Tom had a big crush on her. A lot of his affection was shown in the story by him when it was them together. Huckleberry Finn is the son of the town alcoholic. He and Tom were best friends. They both liked going on new adventures.

The major conflict is when Tom and Huck perceive their biggest struggle to be between themselves and Injun Joe. They want his gold but they are scared because he is out to kill both Huck and Tom. There are also problems that exist between Tom and his imaginative world and the expectations and rules of adult society. It is hard for him to understand the moralities and ways adults do things. Tom and Huck’s point of view of Dr. Robinson’s murder was the point reached that you would consider the climax. Also, the search for the boys’ bodies in the river when they escaped to Jackson’s Island; Tom’s testimony at Muff Potter’s trial was a main game change. Tom and Huck’s accidental sighting of Injun Joe at the haunted house had caused people confusion because they didn’t know if they were viewing ghosts or if Tom and Huck were really visibly there. When Tom and Becky got tapped in the cave, it was a whole new drama and adventure that had occurred. Becky fell down in the cave and started crying and Tom was trying to explain to her that it was all his fault.

At the end of the novel, Tom and Huck do end up finding the gold and treasure! They remembered where Joe’s hiding place was. Huck ends up being adopted and gets civilized by the Widow Douglas. The book ends with Tom and Huck making plans to begin Tom Sawyer's Gang and become robbers that very night! Tom was mischievous, adventurous, and imaginative! All of which got him into trouble. But he was a lovable little scamp! 

This book does not have any negatives to me personally. But to others, it might be a tad boring when it comes to catching the reader's attention. Other than that, the details and descriptions to create powerful imagery in the reader's mind is very good! I loved this book because it is full of singular little adventures that make the story come alive. It gives you an idea of what it was like back when there was slavery but yet adds a spark to make the story very catching. It puts you in Tom’s perspective of life in slavery as a little boy. From this book, I've learned that doing chores can actually be quite fun if you decide they can be! But I think the main purpose of these amazing stories is the joys of childhood when the world is full of wonders and children are free of the heavy responsibilities of adulthood. 

I would recommend this book to an older/more experienced person because I feel as it would take them back to their days and they would appreciate the story more than someone of my generation would. The world is changing everyday. Cultures in America are definitely different from past events and styles and the way of living for all Americans.  

16 August 2021
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