A Review Of The Movie The Big Lebowski

In the movie, The Big Lebowski, The Dude must solve a case where there is really nothing to solve. If a normal detective or police had to do this, they would be more than likely never figure it out because they would simply overlook things. The Dude is just a man who wants to go out and live life without having stress and this event allows him to see the case for what it is and figure it out. This event shows that sometimes we should simply stop and think about problems in life without overcomplicating them in our heads.

The Dude is one of the most relaxed people I've ever seen in a movie. He is also dedicated to the things that he loves. Most people, today are always too busy at their jobs or messing around with technology. Between cell phones, video games, social networks or watching Netflix/regular TV, people are always absorbed in technology. The Dude didn't have any of these distractions in his life. All he wanted to do was hanging out with his buddies, go bowling and do some questionable things like smoke marijuana and drink White Russians. This event shows that it is perfectly normal to simply slow down and take a break from your hectic lifestyle now and then.

The Dude is also one of the most dedicated guys I've ever seen in a movie. When his house is broken into his biggest problem to him isn't the break in, it's that the people who committed the crime urinated on his rug. He really loved the rug because of how well it tied the room together, so he spent frequently trying to get a new rug. He also loves bowling more than probably anything. He spends many of his time with his bowling team at the local bowling alley. Although he loves bowling, he is never seen bowling in the movie; I thought this event was a really interesting random fact.

The movie is more about The Dude's lifestyle than anything else and his lifestyle has been taken to heart by thousands of people around the world. Seven years, after the movie was released a religion called Dudeism was created. The official name of the religion is 'The Church of the Latter-Day Dude, and it teaches that we should all basically live life like The Dude. If this event doesn't prove that The Big Lebowski has a deeper meaning than one might think then I don't know what would.

Whether it's helping us not overlook things, teaching us to relax and care about what really matters to us or even the reason for creating a religion, The Big Lebowski has plenty of deeper meaning than what meets the eye. I think that the movie is a modern day classic that everyone needs to see in their lifetime and maybe even learn a thing or two about life while watching. 

16 August 2021
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