A Thousand Scenarios Here Between Battle And Passivity

There are things in life that exist and you have to do plenty about them. You've got a just cause. But our society is so adverse that we jump straight from, it is a good cause to this and it deserves conflict. So why should the settlers here be annexed and disenfranchised? But we have to go to the Revolutionary War?

No one ever thinks just how many die in wars, but perhaps 25,000 to 50,000 people are likely to perish in all of this. So let's just take the reduced figure — 25,000 people died out of 3 million people. That'd become parable to two and a half million people dying today to get England of four shoulders. Canada is independent of the UK? I actually believe so. Never the bad society. Canadians do have excellent care. Perhaps they just have many things we don’t. They fought a brutal revolutionary war.

In the year before the notorious shots had just have been fired, landowners in Western Massachusetts had already pushed the British Government out without a rifle. They had already constructed 1000s all around courthouses and imperial offices and had just taken over and then told British officials farewell. It was a peaceful political revolt. But then Lexington and Concord came and the rebellion became violent, not by the farmers but by the founding fathers.

Who actually won the victory over Great Britain? It is very appropriate to ask about any policy and particularly war, so it is incredibly important to remember the contradictions between the slightly different sections of the population. That something, we aren't used to in this nation, as we don't think in objective terms. We believe, whoa, we still have the same interests. We haven't had quite a few interests.

The Indians were happy that we gained independence from England because England had set a line — in the proclamation of 1763 — that said you should go westward once again to Indian territory. Perhaps they just did it because they love and respect Indians. They did not want issues. When UK was defeated in the Revolutionary war, that same line was removed and now the way for settlers to migrate westward all across the continent that was reopened.

It was not all the common people getting together to fight against England. They had a very hard time assembling an army. They took poor guys and promised them land. They browbeat people and, oh yes, they inspired people with the Declaration of Independence. It’s always good, if you want people to go to war, to give them a good document and have good words: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Of course, when they wrote the Constitution, they were more concerned with property than life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. You should take notice of these little things.

From the beginning, we were a class society. America starts a suburban and rural culture, people with vast land grants and people even without land. And there were protests, bread protests in Boston, and protests and rebellions all over the colonies, of the poor against the rich, of the tenants who broke into jails. We're trying to imply then we really are all one happy family in that nation. And then when you look at it in terms of class.

When a historical event has occurred, it's very difficult to envision that you would have to achieve done more result. This takes a certain air of unreality whenever something occurs in world history; it is the only possible way it could have occurred. Well, we're clever in too many ways. Then we really should definitely comprehend that there are a thousand scenarios here between battle and passivity.

03 December 2019
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