Abortion Of Innocent Children

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Abortion has been a controversial issue over many years. It has been a topic that many have argued over and over again. But abortion for a woman isn’t the right choice for many reasons. It is taking the life of a child who still didn’t have the chance to take a breath in this world. Abortion has huge health effects on the mother who is completing this procedure. This puts a very high risk for the woman. Abortion has also been the first choice for some women who got pregnant over and over again. That is not fair for all the children who got killed by the same mother. Altho, many can argue that it’s a woman’s choice for her own body. Also, some women might have an abortion because the child has a disorder like Down Syndrome, for example. Physical or mental limitations don’t define us as less human that’s why we should all be treated fairly, including babies with disabilities. Everyone has to be given a chance to live even if someone ends up with a health disorder. Abortion takes away the chance of life for unborn children. One of the ways to have an abortion is to take a medical pill which causes to stop the baby’s heart and the pregnancy itself. Another option for abortion is a surgical procedure where professionals remove the baby themselves. This crushes and tears the baby apart which proves another reason why abortion isn’t the right choice for a woman.

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Many women don’t have the procedure of abortion once, but some complete it with every pregnancy they get. It is not right to kill a child for convenience and repeating abortion over again causes even bigger health issues for the woman. The Guttmacher Institute reported that “45% of all women having abortions every year have had at least one previous abortion. ” This proves that many women may use abortion as birth control which makes it unfair for the babies. The House Representative, Randy Hultgren, also wrote: “When we tell one another that abortion is okay, we reinforce the idea that human lives are disposable, that we can throw away anything or anyone that inconveniences us. This statement might be true in some cases. Many people think that kids are nothing important in life and we can just kill them if they’re not our type or not the gender we wanted. That is not how people should act with human beings, even if it’s not the perfect one. Everyone should be treated fairly, including babies.

As a matter of fact, abortion puts the mother at a very high risk. A study published by the Southern Medical Journal, which included more than 173,000 American women, found that “women who were aborted were 154% percent more likely to commit suicide than women who carried to term. ” Aborting can not only kill a baby but also give the mother the thoughts to kill herself. Many women are impacted after this procedure mentally and emotionally. Some have the regret for the rest of their lives, others can repeat it over and over again treating it like no big deal. Another risk for the mother is heavy bleeding in which 1/100 women end in the hospital because it doesn’t stop. Also, many women get an infection after an abortion and some even pass away. Altho, doctors beforehand let the women know what the risks are of having an abortion. Some of these outcomes might not go away for all women and for some they are life-threatening

Abortion not only hurts the women but is also very painful for the child. The living child inside a woman’s womb can feel the pain during the abortion procedure. Bernard N. Nathanson stated, “When an abortion is performed on a 12-week-old fetus, we can see (in an ultrasound image) the child’s mouth open in a silent scream… This is the silent scream of a child threatened imminently with extinction. ” Mothers should understand what they are causing to their children. Abortion tears and crushes the baby into parts. This is not how any living human being should be treated. Women should give away their unwanted children to those who can’t get pregnant or can’t conceive. People would be willing to care for a child even if it’s not blood-related to them. The U. S. Department of Health and Human Services stated: “Around 2. 6 million are seeking to adopt. ” A huge amount of people would have to care for a child and adopting is a much better, and safer way for the mother. Adoption is a better choice instead of killing a child.

However, it is a proven fact that it’s a women’s choice for her own body. It is her choice for her own future and if a woman doesn’t want to have children, she doesn’t have to. That is another reason why many can say, “A baby should not come into the world unwanted. ” Also, why some women have an abortion is that the fetus might have a disorder. For example, the baby can die before birth or shortly after birth. That is why many can wonder what is the point of caring a baby to its term if it’s going to pass away later on. Also, some children have Down Syndrome and it might be hard for some parents to care with a child with that need.

However, adding to the children born with Down Syndrome, they are still human and even if they have that disability, they still deserve life and not abortion. Unborn children should still be counted as humans no matter how they look or what disability they might have. The American with Disabilities Act of 1990 “provides civil rights protections to people born with disabilities so they can lead fulfilling lives. ” Killing babies with disorders is discrimination. Children, to this day, who were born with Down Syndrome “live at home with their families and are active participants in the educational, vocational, social, and recreational activities of the community. People with Down Syndrome are valued members of their families and their communities, contributing to society in a variety of ways. ” This proves that even kids with disabilities are just like everyone one of us so we should give them a chance to live in this world. No one should be defined by what disability they have. Even if a doctor tells a mother that her child will die, she should give the child a chance. Miracles happen and that baby can stay alive. So before any woman tries to decide if it’s worth it, yes it really is. Abortion would kill your baby right away and won’t have a chance to fight for its life.

To conclude, abortion is a hard and sensitive topic that has been discussed for many years. It’s a pro-life or pro-choice decision made by billions of women today. Altho, some women might not know the risks of having an abortion, and that is the doctor’s job to inform her of all the correct information. Abortion puts the mother at high risk and cause some serious health issues, kills the child while the child is still alive, and gives fewer opportunities to adopt a child to those who want one. Some argue that women decide for themselves and we can’t help them with this decision. Abortion has always been a huge topic and it has its pros and cons, but it all comes down to a point that proves abortion is not a smart and fair way to get rid of a child. There are many other options to give up a child but abortion isn’t the right choice. Everyone should try to save a beating heart.

10 October 2020

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