Albert Camus’ Myth Of Sisyphus Adnd The Meaning Of Life

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What is life? Is it worth it? Does my existence has more to bring? Is life worth its meaning or does it even have a meaning? The human person tends to earn for a living. He laughs, recreate, smile, every day of his life. He struggles, mourns, overcome and starts anew beginning as well. Life is sometimes taken by the other as something good or bad based on his own experience. He can say he has a good or meaningful life if he wins the lottery or does fine. He can say it is bad or meaningless if he loses himself or has a hard time in coping up with what is present. It really is hard to say if one had a good life or a meaningful one. Was it meaningful when I do something good? Was it meaningful when I do something bad? What is the meaning truly of doing good or bad if we end up to the same faith which is death anyway? Nevertheless, one must not neglect that there is something in living. What would it be with what is nothing, what if life is meaningless? Does my life need to go on or not? Albert Camus on his Myth of Sisyphus would tell us something about suicide and how to deal with it. Sisyphus was punished by the gods by pushing a boulder from the bottom of a mountain to its top. When he reaches the top, he lets it roll down. He then again push it up and roll it down for eternity. From his work, we can see that Sisyphus is unlucky and has a meaningless life because of how he pushes up and rolls down the boulder from that mountain. It is really absurd to even think of it as meaningful. Well, for the gods, maybe it is but for Sisyphus it might not be even for others who have read Camus’ work. Albert Camus wants us that we should find Sisyphus happy with what he is doing; pushing up and rolling the boulder down then again and again. Doing things again and again would be something meaningless o it would lose one’s interest because of doing things again and again. What Albert Camus would like to say is that Sisyphus did not run away from his faith. He faced it even though it is a meaningless punishment. If I were Sisyphus, I could have let my life be taken by the gods than pushing up and rolling a boulder down again and again. Albert emphasizes that the punishment would be the challenges of life. In relation with the concern about suicide, if you take your life just because life is hard or meaningless, Albert would say that you have lost.

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You have given up from the challenges of the world. He said that there is only one philosophical question which is suicide. Going back with Sisyphus, he faced the punishment and has not said a word. What if people who plan to commit suicide would see why Sisyphus should be seen as happy with his punishment? Albert Camus says that these challenges of the world are games. You lose if you have given in to taking your own life. Albert Camus would also add that suicide is a way of escaping. If it is then, people who commit suicide are the ones who would like to escape from the mischiefs of life. Would one be truly happy if he has escaped what life has to offer? Regardless of such, we must see Sisyphus happy because he has not given up yet. Even though there are tough obstacles, he has not given up on himself. We rational beings are sometimes carried away to things that should not be given more attention. We have forgotten what is really simple. The fact that we are alive is something we must be into. Our being situated in the world is something big and is something profound. By its being profound, it has connections that we also have left behind. Life is not its meaning by merely focusing on what is around it. It is how we value us as alive. It is as well how we situate ourselves in the world. Aside from such, it is also how we handle what life has to offer. Life is hard but it is harder than said. Life is also how we go on even with the challenges and struggles one would face alone the way. A meaningful life is not about how we run away with the pain. One must endure it to understand what life is. Suicide should not be an option. Escaping the challenges of life is not always the answer to every problem. It might create more problems not to the one who plans do it but to the people concerned about it. We should be grateful that we are alive. By our being alive there is already meaning and that for me is enough no to take your own life.

01 February 2021

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