Ambition as a Power or Disease

Ludwig van Beethoven was born in December 1770, his actual birthdate is unknown.He was born to his mother Maria Magdalena Keverich and father Johann van Beethoven. Ludwig Van Beethoven is known for being the most widespread and influential composers of the western art track tradition. Although Beethoven is known for his great work like his art music, it wasn’t always great to some people.As you may or may not know, Beethoven has two siblings in the middle of them being born Johann, Ludwig farther started teaching him music.And from that time things were going to take a terrible tole on him for the rest of his natural life. Growing up Beethoven didn’t have such a bright life instead he grew up with mental abuse and torture. As a kid Beethoven would study the violin and clavin every night and if he bedraggled he would be punished with extra hours and less or no sleep.He would also take classess from others around town. But, even though his dad pushed him, he only wanted he son to be successful and great in the future.

In educationLudwig attended the Latin school called, Tirocinum. But, there Ludwig was a little different from the other kids. Many in modern-day will discover him as having mild dsylevia because of his not quick learning and he fumbled on his sums and spelling his whole life. With school being his extensive struggle made in 1781 at only the age of ten to drop out. And with him dropping out he took music as he full-on school career. He studied with Chrisitian Neefe and at the age of twelve published his first composition named Dressler which consisted of a set of piano variations.

Johann Van Beethoven was also a drinker and In four years from 1781 things started to decrease for him and his family.In four years Ludwigs farther drinking habits increased and got worse to the point where he couldn’t take care of his family. That might have put them down for a while but they eventually came back on top. Beethoven became an assistant court organist that he request to be even though he was really young but he got the job and was paid a salary of 150 florins.

When Beethoven's life contiuted to flourish he became known as the kid prodigy meaning at a young age he was successful and doing quite well for his age which was nineteen.He received many honors, which was one by Joseph ll and dedicated songs to others but on March 29, 1795, he performed his awaited debut where he played his first piano concerto c major in his hometown Vienna. Then on April 2, 1800 he did another one which was his second debut his Symphony No. 1 in C major.Then after those two his kept performing and performing and progressing.

Although things in his spotlight were progressing in his personal life it wasn’t. With all of his accomplishments, I’ve never mentioned that Beethoven had kids and that's because he never did.I also never mentioned that he had a wife and that's because he never had a wife. That may have been because, of his appearance and shyness.But, even though Beethoven never had a wife doesn’t mean that he didn’t have a love or crush. Beethoven had the biggest crush on a married woman named Anthonie Brenthano he even wrote a song about her for two days about how he felt.But, that wasn’t the only issue in Beethoven's life.He had more dreadful problems than that.In 1815 Casper Beethoven's brother died with his death he kids with a woman named Johanna.In which she had a custody battle with Beethoven for the kids and seven years later she lost and Beethoven was awarded custody.

With all the struggle and sadness going on his life, more was about to come. Beethoven was going death and before he went completely he tried so hard to let others know for help but, they didn’t and eventually went downhill.In 19th century Beethoven couldn’t even make words into the conversation and in 1801 made a depressing letter about how had become dead and how he had an unfulfilling life.

Fast-forward, to the last day of Beethoven's life which was on March 26, 1827 where he died from post hepatic cirrhosis of the liver. While his speedy temper, interminable looseness of the bowels and deafness are predictable with blood vessel illness, a contending hypothesis follows Beethoven's deafness to contracting typhus in the late spring of 1796.

Although Beethoven's life wasn’t that great and amusing he will be remembered as one the greatest composers of history.And gifted genius while being deaf to achieve many extraordinary things in life. He will be forever remembered always and his historical and remarkable legacy will forever live on. 

29 April 2022
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