The Poverty Paradox: An Argument for Addressing Poverty in the USA

The number of homeless Americans is growing. Rates of homelessness jumped by nine percent in 2017. The U.S. financial set up for 2019 has $8.8 billions of projected budget cuts for the Department of Housing and Development. Therefore, the issue does not appear to be bettering within the coming years. In the USA the specific type of race like African American or single moms, an adult who is not working and adult who are disabled. Poverty in the USA there is many women than men in poverty. The other type of people who are in poverty is non-immigrant, people with less than high school diploma, and Hispanics and Latinos. In this argumentative essay about poverty there are going to be many facts, a real story about people and song that explain poverty.

Black and African Americans living within us face an enormous vary of institutional obstacles that create earning a gradual, livable financial gain, also because of the risk of escaping financial condition, very tough. Black Americans are quite double as probably as whites or Asian Americans to measure in financial condition. Africans Americans encounter inequalities in education, discrimination within the work, ineffective parenting, high imprisonment rates, and more. One in eight Americans is black. However black Americans frame quite a quarter of the nation's sparse population. According to the 2014 U.S. Census Bureau ACS study, twenty-seven of all African American men, ladies and kids live below the poverty line compared to merely eleventh of all Americans. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 14.5% of African Americans receive housing help as well as government housing whereas 2.5% receive TANF money help (formerly stated as welfare checks). All of those statistics embrace those that receive advantages or those covered beneath the allotment of someone else's benefits that do not always include everybody who lives within the family. There are a lot of Hispanic and Latino families that are in poverty 19.4 % of Hispanic and Latino Americans live in financial condition, way higher than the general financial condition 13.4 % financial condition rate for all Americans. Two factors contributing to the high financial condition rate among Hispanics and Latinos are the group's comparatively low education and earnings levels. Just 16.0 % of Hispanic and Latino adults have a bachelor's degree, half the national college attainment rate of 32.0 % — for all races. People with a university degree are a lot of probably to carry excellent, high-paying jobs and report higher incomes overall. In 2018, the standard Hispanic or Latino employees earned merely 76.9 % of the median earnings for all employees. A large share of Latino staff additionally faces racial discrimination which will cut back the chance of gaining employment and ultimately cause lower earnings. One in three Hispanics and Latinos living in America report being discriminated against once applying for jobs.

The percent of individuals with disabilities varies significantly by state, as do levels of individuals with disabilities working, poverty, earnings, and health behaviors. The percentage of these with a disability within the U.S.A. civilian population slowly expanded from 11.9% in 2010 to 12.8% in 2016, because the U.S.A. population ages, the proportion of individuals with disabilities will increase. Within the U.S.A. in 2016, but one.0% of the beneath five years recent population had an incapacity. Alongside the disable adult there is a single parent in poverty. A dependent kid may be a significant cost burden, particularly for a single parent, and is usually enough to push the parent — often a mother — and kid into financial condition. Among recent single mothers, an astounding 44.3 % live in financial condition. As compared, just 11.4 % of recent married mothers live in financial condition. Whereas an unplanned-for pregnancy will occur among individuals of all social and economic levels, low-income ladies have way more unwanted pregnancies than higher-income women. As a result of ladies' face a variety of unique challenges, they at a bigger risk of economic condition and money hardship. Ladies are paid way less than men — women earned 81.3 % of men's median earnings within the second quarter of 2018. There are many people In the USA who did not complete high school those people are in poverty. While there are many known Americans who dropped out of high school or college and are currently successful billionaires, usually academic attainment may be a strong indicator of one's earnings potential. Most jobs that pay above financial condition wages need, at the least, a high school diploma, and an outsized share additionally needs a bachelor's degree. Among American adults, average earnings correspond directly with academic attainment. The everyday adult who did not graduate from high school earns $20,924 a year, roughly $8,000 but median earnings for those graduated high school however did not proceed to higher education. The standard American with simply a bachelor's degree earns $51,094 a year, over $30,000 over the median earnings for Americans who have not graduated high school.

There is much single mom who is in poverty like Metcalf is 24 years old. She is the mother of three little girls their ages are 6, 4 and 2. They all have different fathers. Metcalf is living in her two-bedroom apartment in the small town of Bath, in western New York. Metcalf got married two years ago to a man who is not the father of any of her children, but he recently left her for someone else. Metcalf said that 'she faces another situation common among low-income workers. She knows if she starts making money, other benefits — like food stamps — will be cut or eliminated. Just recently, the family's food stamp benefit dropped from $700 a month to $200 because her daughter started to receive $744 a month from Social Security to treat her emotional issues and her husband began working part-time at McDonald's. Of course, now he has gone'. Metcalf mother was abusive with Metcalf try to kill herself when she went to the hospital and after that she foster care. She used to change many houses when she was in foster care. Metcalf is only 24, and she is missing most of her top front teeth. It is from hereditary gum disease. Her insurance Medicaid paid $3,000 for a partial bridge, but now she cannot use it because her other teeth are crumbling. There are many families like her that they get help from the government, but it is not enough. Many people are in poverty; they cannot get a job just because their benefit will get cut. There is a lot of song about poverty the one that like the most is Another Day in Paradise by Phil Collins. It said: 

'She calls out to the man on the street

‘Sir, can you help me?

It is cold, and I have nowhere to sleep,

Is there somewhere you can tell me?'

He walks on, doesn't look back

He pretends he can't hear her;

Starts to whistle as he crosses the street

Seems embarrassed to be there.'

There are a lot of people in the USA who ignore the people who need help. When people come to ask help from them, they ignore it or pretend they did not listen and go from there. There are also many people who make a joke of them.

The solution to solve poverty is to create more jobs and change the requirement like changing the money that a family needs to earn to get government benefit. That is the only reason people do not apply for jobs. There should be transportation given to a family who needs it like drop them where they need it and pick them up, but it should be limited times in month they can get without paying. The other solution is the single mom get more benefit, and they should be a way where those women can continue education if they want and also women should get pay as much a man gets paid. There also should be more apartment building for a family who need it, and the rent should be less. Another solution is that it is should not impossible to get a job if you commit any crime because if you commit any crime after that it impossible to get a job.

In conclusion, poverty in the USA is going from a century if the government would have taken control of it and create more policy for it, now it would have been under control. There is a much different aspect of poverty not just the financial. Many things need to be changed by the government about poverty rates. There is the thing that people can change as if they do not need anything to give it someone who needs it instead of throwing it away. The community should do something like people donating food, clothes and many more things like once a month and give it to people who need but there should not be a requirement for person or family.  

10 October 2022
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