An Impact Of Dreams On Our Life

First of all, what are dreams? Dreams are images and emotions and sometimes almost a physical like feeling. This happens while you are sleeping but the meaning and scenarios of dreams usually have a very unclear purpose. Most people believe that dreams are just things of chance that hold no special meaning and only correlate with past memories and experiences. Others believe there is a spiritual power to dreams, that hold a strong meaning to the soul and mind. Dreams are powerful, you can almost manipulate that power and enhance it, you will always have either a good or a bad dream, depending on your mental state this will most likely have some effect on your day, or your life, even without you realizing it.

Personally I am a strong believer in the fact that dreams can be manipulated by certain types of music, or even by various controlled substances and narcotics. Though scientific studies have shown differences in the supposed fact that delta waves and music do have some effect on the way you sleep, the depth of your sleep and what you dream. I was a person who rarely dreamed, maybe once or twice a month. But ever since I first found out about delta waves I knew I had to try it. So I looked up some delta waves on YouTube, it was a very soothing sound, the long harmonic frequencies filled in with an occasional chime. It was almost the equivalent of an extremely slow electric sounding wind, it was very therapeutic even while I was awake. I had high hopes for my little experiment at this point. I got dressed for bed turned on the delta waves at a comfortable volume and hoped for the best. I drifted off to sleep, as I was on the horizon of being asleep in had an odd sensation almost as though the music was something that I could physically feel flowing in and out of me then the vivid almost life-like dream started. I woke up in a daze still feeling as though I was in a trance. It took me a few minutes to come back to reality and to separate my hallucination from what was real. Now maybe being that I had such high hopes that delta waves could somehow make me dream or fall into a deep sleep may have influenced the way I slept, but the simple fact remains is that I did indeed have a deep sleep with wild, lucid dreams. Let’s face it we have all had a dream at one point or another, be it pleasant or just straight up nightmarish. But whether or not we can explain it is a different story. From any stand point it is very difficult to understand anything if you first don’t know the origin. These dreams can very easily be just our interpretation of the daily things we experience. But is it really that simple, should we look no further and just accept the fact that we dream because we can?

I believe it is much more than that, dreams are symbolic they tell us about ourselves and show us another light. Just because we can’t scientifically explain these trances doesn’t mean we shouldn’t question it. For example I had dream recently where I was with my friend, Irene and it seemed as if we were at a park or a fair. The air was still, the sky, clear and pitch-black, people were scurrying about going to places and walking into these tall buildings. I saw the buildings not knowing what they were. They stood there ominously, almost taunting me like they knew what was going to happen. I took no care in how the buildings felt about me, I was with Irene, one of my closest friends and we were laughing and having the time of our lives nothing could ruin this, so I thought. All at once it got quiet I heard absolutely no noise, it was ghostly, Irene turned and looked at me. I felt happy no longer I knew what she had to say was serious and quite possibly very terrible. The people still scurrying around, unphased but they made no noise, Irene turned slowly to me and looked at me with a blank expression, I’ve known her for years and having never seen her like this truly shook me to my core. Her face was full of confidence and without a break in her voice she told me she never wanted me to talk to her and she never wanted to see me again. I couldn’t bring myself to believe I was in shock how could this person that I’ve loved and cared for, for years just decide to lose all that we have gained. The expression on her face faded and the anger ensued she yelled at me, tears were just flowing from both of our eyes as she said again, “I never want to see you again!”. I felt so stupid why didn’t I listen to those buildings, everything was so clear now. As I came to my senses Irene was no-where to be found she had really left me. It was around that time I woke up, I felt so terrible I was almost in tears I looked through my phone and called Irene, it rang a few times, but every second grew my anticipation, was this real did she really want to leave me? Soon all was resolved she answered I told her every detail, it felt so real I was just hazed for a few minutes even after Irene told me it wasn’t real I didn’t know what to believe. Even she was brought to tears when I told her about my dream. I knew she would never say anything like that I felt so confused the dream was so lucid I was there, what choice did I have than to believe at first?

In reality how could I interpret something like this? Were the buildings my friends and family warning me of some inevitable that we were no longer good for each other and did Irene say what she did in the dream because I could never bring myself to say because deep down maybe that’s what I wanted? Even if they are just dreams, the effects and feelings can carry on to what we perceive as reality and affect our daily lives. Dreams are powerful phenomena and they can control your fears if you let them. For example, I have these vivid dreams and sometimes dark visions of me getting into a serious car accident, there was few times that the wreck I got into was the same exact scenario. Sometimes the accident was purely my fault, I would just be driving but at a high rate of speed then I would just jerk the wheel but upon impact I would jump and wake in a shock. These dreams terrified me I’ve never had a thought about ending my life and that fact I dreamed that repeatedly was honestly concerning me. This went on for a couple of months probably about 20 times. Now I used to drive recklessly at speeds upwards to 100 mph almost daily making wild turns and burning rubber all over town, and I have five tickets to prove it. I even had a few close calls with a telephone pole, once I almost had an accident that resembled one of my dreams and it was at that moment I began to take my dreams as warnings not as things that just happen when I sleep. My driving greatly improved in such a short amount of time, I wouldn’t say it was an irrational fear that I had but it made me realize that I needed to change the way I was driving. There is no doubt in my mind if I didn’t take my dreams into account I would’ve wrecked by now I rarely drive above 65 mph on a highway. This is just one of the ways dreams have affected my life for the better.

I have experimented and experienced what dreams can do under certain circumstances, I have felt what they can do, and maybe you think I’m giving these hallucinations too much credit and sometimes it does sound crazy, even to me but they have changed me in certain ways and I am different because of them.

03 December 2019
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