An Impact Of Video Games On Architects

Video Games have pervaded day by day life all over the globe on PCs, consoles and pocket gadgets, these days architecture in video games is a gigantic factor, with the buildings/structures being extremely detailed. As an architect, i learnt that playing games can be very good examples of an educational experience as much as an entertainment. When playing video games, focus can physically and socially benefit the user. Video games can enhance the visual skills and the brain function.

Video games also the spatial awareness. But yet without a space, there will be no place in which or based on which a video game can take place. Some specific spaces of video games are bred from the act of playing it, and from the gameplay itself. In video games, the way that architecture interfaces with the ground and sky are additionally important and valuable associations to consider. The wall texture, color of a building hardly dives in the terrain without any change or transitions. Most video games have lots of imaginative surroundings/environment to examine, eras to peruse and several invented architecture styles. With the advancements in the technology, the latest game generation is nearer to producing life-like settings to wander around, get lost in it and discover some inspirations from.

As Architects, we think about some several creative ideas and inspirations, for example, painting, sculpting and sketching, as approaches to build up our innovative processes and up our craft. Playing games also could have some similar benefits. Architects will be able to explore the world video games and propose new modes and methods of designing on the view of their discoveries. Architects could also take in a lot of information from playing video games about how individuals move through space, about which choices our senses shouts out against, and about unthinkable moves real structures/buildings can only recommend.

These video games are intended to excite/energize players through human interest/curiosity, imagination, creativity and puzzles. While some of them enable the player to build monuments, landmarks and towns, others are some examples of how architecture can have an influence on our emotions in various ways we probably won't understand. In most of nowadays video games, some of the most intriguing renditions and forms of architectural components/elements can be found in various video games. Structures, for example, the majestic castles, medieval towns, futuristic communities and places, designs are inspired the real modern day cities , architecture included in video games makes them more immersive, dependable and above all enjoyable. From the video games Assassin's Creed, God Of War, Outlast and so on.

There are so many inspirational elements to be discovered in the video games that can have a great deal of influence over one’s way of thinking, creativity and design. Being able to experience and walk through a 3 dimensional model at any time changes some approach or ways in designing. Hearing sound effects of the waves crashing or tree's branch rustling in a wind, hearing the footsteps as the player walks through the games gives a sense of excitement and makes the game even more interesting and inspirational. Also, learning through simulation can be extremely helpful, as one gets the chance to try diverse design techniques and strategies for urban communities and buildings. Assassin’s Creed games: revelation is a great example of video games that used several real buildings and places with architectural elements and several architectural styles such as Islamic architecture, byzantine architecture and so on. In some video games, several places and rooms have amazing wall textures that makes each of the structure to feel dynamic and like you're exploring, rather than just entering or passing through dull and boring after one another.

The use of different forms, shapes, decorative features, colors in various video games for example in God Of War II, the type of marble flooring used reflects on most parts of a space making the space look more attractive and showing lots of details through the space. Also, some forms and shapes that are used could serve as a great inspiration while design a building’s façade. Lighting serves a great role in both architecture and video games, the utilization of light in architecture can be used in a comparably way, to attract or draw attention to an essential piece or the next zone the player should move to. A space that is sufficiently lit with a lot of windows and skylights can feel elevating and balance or contrast the darker scenes.

The utilization of hierarchy in architecture is additionally an essential and important tool in game design or plan. An architectural encounter or experience where all the design elements or components carry the same visual weight isn't as significant or sorted out as when a few components are different through scale, shading, color, shape, texture, and so on. By the contrasting of rhythm together with hierarchy, the player can improve the game's way finding plan by making it simpler for the player to read a building to help recall their relative position in a space and to help understand where the important components/elements of the game play can be found.

By adjusting and contrasting of different sorts of spaces, architecture can reveal, and choreograph the players experience to create a considerably more ground-breaking emotional effect and response to the gameplay. Also, the utilization of materials, beyond an understanding the technical part of shades and texture, is another key player in architecture design. Materials can do as more than just simply aiding to achieving realism. Warm and soft materials have a totally different psychological impact than just hard and de-saturated materials. The use of the psychological effect of different surface textures and hues can shape a player's understanding and experience and propel or attract them to or from different gameplay components/elements. In some video game like the God Of War II, the manner in which buildings exteriors work to shape open/outdoor spaces, can likewise play a big role in the architects way of designing. And also having big openings tend to feel well enclosed and defined, despite the fact that it's an outdoor space. In some games like the Assassins Creed Revelation, the use of known monument can also help an architect in finding some inspirational elements that will be able to enhance his/her design.

In conclusion, i want to add by saying video games have a great influence on an architect through his/her thinking, creativity, designs and how he/she approach the world . I trust that all that we do imaginatively impacts our bigger cultural setting. As more architects from our general public start to play video games in a very much good designed environments, we will at last enhance the visual perspective towards our environments. In doing as such, I believe that there is a reverse impact where we will begin to expect more from our physical surroundings instead of overlooking them as we frequently do now. We will begin to have several different questions on buildings. At least, possibly through the enormous architecture found in the making of digital surroundings/environments we can imagine better physical surroundings/environments that encourage creative abilities, communities, sustainability, and the well-being. In doing as such i am also hoping that we have moved further of accessing the power of video games to change the world.

03 December 2019
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