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Analysis Of Emotions Portrayed In The Divine Comedy

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This poem of Divine Comedy is all about Dante’s journey through Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso, ultimately culminating towards to God, though the story is so long, but it so interest and entertaining. The story shows a lot of emotions in many ways. 

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In Inferno is describing as nine circles of suffering. Dante’s personality was to become enlightened from efforts made at self-realization through his baser tendency of illusions and delusions. His posture in life was lack of forgiveness and a chronic denial of wrong doing. He discovered fear, beliefs and judgments of others were getting on the way, at this beginning of his spiritual journey. Dante’s punishments to his enemies were of symbolic significance but therein were also a self-discovery that life on earth was meaningless and worthless. He met sinners of lust, anger, gluttony, residing as tendencies of self-serving extroverts. Everyone in Hell is being punished in a manner that suits their sins. 

In Purgatory, Dante entered the domain of spiritual awakening in Purgatory and explored the new awareness that was happening to him. Dante’s realized there was something wronged because the sun was on their left instead of being on the right. Dante was seeing the world from the lust, anger, pride, sloth and gluttony after spending his lifetime. 

Paradiso has definitely been his continually changing view of Beatrice and their relationship and how it ultimately relates back to his relationship to God. How Dante’s view of God is expanded through his relationship with Beatrice speaks directly to in light of experiences. The importance or even necessity of having community in a person’s life has become very evident. Dante’s revelations of how God’s love is displayed through the people he cares about most has helped me to re-examine, and identify similar instance in my life. As Dante recognizes these changes and traits as growing beauty he is granted a deeper love and understanding of God himself being channeled through Beatrice’s persona. This is a very interesting concept to me because it can be applied to life right now on this side of heaven. 

Dante found to be beautiful and virtuous. Most of the time it’s hard to even recognize that this has happened or is in the process of happening because we or specifically I, get caught up in my selfishness, seeking only to fulfill my own needs. This is ironic as well since my needs can only be met in Christ, the yes, that is cliché line but as Dante has demonstrated Christ’s character is reflected through relationships, through people, through service, through my the things in this world that we can relate to and hold on to. In fact, focusing entirely on happy contented souls singing God’s praises.

Dante’s gives us the idea that God is eternally forgiving and accepting of us. Dante’s life’s journey he had gone astray at this point was searching for answers. All things considered that it’s easy to fall into life of sin and depravity and harder to redeem oneself. We have to do right things and to be faithful in God, so we can have the gift of eternal life. There is little reason for each individual to have a unique purpose or meaning in life if everyone’s lives are predetermined. 

10 Jun 2021

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