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Analysis Of Factors Determining The Success Of Oxfam Organisation

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Oxfam is an international, large, charity organisation where in 1995, Oxfam was formed and created to support and make an impact towards the poor and poverty as well as working and campaigning together to reduce the global stages of injustice. The international charity organisation has independent associations which consists of 4 organisations working with over 100 countries which includes Germany, Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Great Britain, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Ireland, The Netherlands, Quebec, Spain and the United States, all with the main purpose of not only to help people to campaign for things that include ending unfair trade, encouraging western nations to aid poorer third world countries but mainly helping people effected by natural disasters, struggles with human rights and also providing shelters and donating food and clothes. Oxfam mainly lies in the third sector as a public limited company due to this organisation not aiming to make profits which is also known as a not for profit organisation that have an objective to do good for society and any surplus made is ploughed back into achieving that goal. Oxfam is known as a limited liability although they are a non-profit making company, the members of Oxfam is liable for the company’s debts or liabilities. Oxfam mainly relies on donations and fundraising from sources including charitable foundation. Although Oxfam is a charity organisation and is not owned by any individual, there are staffs that are paid as well as a CEO.

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The CEO deals and manages the staffs as well as the press however the decisions are mainly elected and made by a board of trustees, which these trustees are all elected by individuals who pay such as donors. The board of trustees are permitted to abide by the donor’s wishes which would include going overseas to help people. As Oxfam mainly depend on raising money as well as donations, their aim is mainly also to collect as much profited donations from the general public to then using the money raised to aid people in need. Moreover with events such as natural disasters, Oxfam’s main priority is to start saving lives which the aid would help them recover becoming a stronger person due to the essentials that are provided by Oxfam. Within Oxfam, there are stakeholders that will influence the success of the business. As mentioned before, a stakeholder is an individual group or organisation that has interest in how to run a business categorizing between internal and external stakeholders. The internal stakeholders within Oxfam are people such as Employees; which are also the volunteers, are the individuals that works for Oxfam and is employed working either full time or part time. These are the most important people within the organisation because they work for the success of the business in this case helping people out as well as receiving donated products but their purpose is not to make a profit and earn salaries or wages but to volunteer to get work experience and help people in need. For the second most important people are the donors; which are individual or a group of people that are responsible and take in donations such as clothes, food as well as money to the people in need.

Additionally the growth of Oxfam influences donors to help and overcome the people suffering by poverty as well as affected by famine, which is the extreme shortage of food, from other parts of the world. Moreover on the external side of the stakeholders, these people also contribute to the success of the business such as suppliers and government agencies. To the success of a business, the suppliers supply goods and services to them and in exchange being paid on time and receiving the payment orders, however in relation to Oxfam, they mainly rely on their main suppliers which are internal stakeholders known as donors and provide materials which would use them to help the people in need including food and clothes. In addition, government agencies are responsible for setting and having restricted rules as well as regulation that every business would need to abide. Government agencies would expect for businesses to pay taxes to them from business profits as well as the purchases from customers. The reason the government agencies demand taxes is due to businesses being able to provide jobs for people therefore there is a lower chance of people getting unemployed. In relationship to Oxfam, government agencies has legislation and rules they must abide by, although government is always flexible with changing the legislation, businesses would have struggles keeping up and agreeing with them. The organisational structure for Oxfam compared to Tesco is much flatter as the chain of command running down the business tree of Oxfam which consists of fewer layers, compared to Tesco to their hierarchy structure, Tesco has at least 4 layers of management. Moreover Oxfam’s organisational structure has individuals called the board of trustees and this allows them to have full responsibility and full management over Oxfam. Oxfam’s main structure is also known as a geographical one, due to their organisation being run and worked around the world in different countries helping the people in need. Oxfam is run by a chief executive as well as a chairwoman. The chief executive has a large span of control as he has the right as well as power to control the family and children service, financial service and co-operate fund-raising service.

The chairwoman however is in charge of a large amount of trustees where the trustees are the main individuals that are responsible for the main activities and decisions with Oxfam. Within Oxfam’s structure, they have a scheme where there are more amount of volunteers rather than more managers due to Oxfam being a non-profit organisation where helping out people in need and the society is a more important factor than money being made for Oxfam and therefore Oxfam keeps the costs as low as possible concluding that Oxfam has a flat structure. Within Oxfam, there is a strategic and calculated plan that Oxfam researches and plans for every 6 years. Oxfam’s main intention and goal for these plan are mainly to change people’s lives around who are in need and mainly to help change and influence their decisions that physically as well as mentally affecting their lives; additionally help spread the message of equality so these individuals are able to enjoy their rights as being a normal citizen and human being.

15 Jun 2020

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