Analysis Of Tess Sheerin’s Graffiti Works

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Looking at the piece, the seal itself looks innocent, making itself seem like it does not know what’s it is doing to its body. The background works with bright colors such as green, orange, white and dark blue color. The green, orange and white colors could be represented as trash in the image and the dark blue color could be interpreted as the ocean. These colors take up most of the background and you can barely see the dark blue, maybe representing that the ocean is being filled up with all this plastic waste. Also, by making the seal look innocent, Tess works with the pathos because the image appeals to the looker’s emotions and making them sympathize with the seal. Tess also states “I went to the beach last summer and in a short walk collected two large bags filled with rubbish. I have investigated the impact rubbish has on our coastlines and the knock-on effect of single-plastics in particular that are killing our marine and wildlife and the results awful”.

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These statements show that Tess is an avid nurturer of life in the ocean, which furthers the graffiti even deeper into pathos, logos and ethos. Logos can be applied to this graffiti piece because logically humans know that plastic and all the other waste does not belong in the ocean with animals. Around the world we are seeing places in the ocean being ruined with oil, chemicals, and plastic. This piece of artwork is a part of the nationwide pollution awareness tour. Tess Sheerin goes around painting similar styles of graffiti to try and connect to humans and make them realize that polluting the water is a serious issue and should be taken as a number one priority.

If we do not make this a priority now, then in the future, it might be too late to save these innocent creatures homes or even their lives. Because of this, humans have to come up with a solution to this horrid issue. One example we have seen was in Australia. In 2016, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef was dying so the Australian government decided to ban all public access to the Reef. Two years later, they have seen signs of progress of the Reef coming back to its natural beautiful state.

The world needs more of this care for aquamarine life before it might be too late for our beautiful planet. People need to stop being so selfish and start having a care for the environment.

03 December 2019

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