Analysis Of The Examples Of Organization Behavior Depicted In The Devil Wears Prada


Organization behavior is prevalent in The Devil Wears Prada, as demonstrated by Miranda Priestly, the chief editor of the Runway Fashion Magazine and her subordinates Andrea Sachs, Emily Charlton, and Nigel. Since Andrea is fresh from college, she is eager and strongly desires to make it as a journalist. Working as Miranda Priestly’s assistant is a job any young lady dreams of. However, in as much as she loves her prospect career, Miranda’s attitude to her other employees makes it evident that her fashion journey will be tough. Motivated individuals tend to do their best at work, unlike those who are not. Employee motivation is critical and can be through support to achieve goals, i.e., believing in the skills they possess. Promotions, salary increments, bonuses, bosses can also express their opinions on the work of their employees. This paper will analyze how The Devil Wears Prada demonstrates organizational behavior through the main characters.

Why The Devil Wears Prada?

The movie revolves around the sacrifices people put in their careers, which often go unrecognized by their bosses. Miranda does not motivate Andrea and her colleagues, even with the sacrifices they make. Andrea's job makes her lose what she valued most, i.e., her boyfriend, Nate, and other college friends. Andrea did all she could, even at Miranda's disposal, but according to her boss, it was the only option if she wanted to grow her career. According to Miranda, it is a considerable favor enough to be working for her, and Andrea's colleagues feel the same way though they are not contented. Andrea and her work colleagues expect some appreciation from Miranda but ignore their real feelings because of the other benefits that come along with the job.

Miranda's subordinates, with no doubt, put a lot of effort into their work, even those not related to the job, like Miranda's side beck and calls. However, due to a lack of support from their boss, they don't perform according to their potential.

Movie Scenes that demonstrate Organizational Behavior

Example 1

While at work, Andrea opens up to Nigel about how unappreciative Miranda is when she does the right thing but is vicious when she makes a slight error. Nigel tells her to quit since other ladies wouldn’t mind Miranda’s treatment as long as they are working with her.

Relation (Job Satisfaction)

The scene relates to job satisfaction. According to Andrea, work is more satisfactory when there's some form of appreciation. Miranda's lack of recognition makes the work environment tense and less safe hence unsatisfactory. Miranda is not effective in her leadership since she does not support her subordinates and yet expects excellent performance. According to employee expectancy theory, an employee may put in the effort, but as long as there is no leadership support, performance is negatively affected.

Example 2

While in Paris, during a luncheon, Miranda's time to speak comes up, and Nigel helps her up the 'stage.' Based on their career history, Miranda saw Nigel as a friend and not just an art director, and he was confident that Miranda had recommended him for Holt. Instead, Miranda announces Jacqueline as the one to get the position Nigel worked hard for over the years.

Relation: (Expectation Theory)

Nigel was not just an art director in Runway but was close to Miranda. The least Miranda could do to appreciate all the years he worked under her because he was Miranda’s confidant. Nigel demonstrates expectation theory in the sense that as Miranda was close to announcing Holt’s future president, he was overconfident that she would announce him. Still, she did not, causing him devastation and disappointment. Miranda announced Jacqueline as the person to take the position. Andrea, too, was shocked because she was aware of how Nigel valued his friendship with Miranda. Mirada demonstrates poor leadership because of all other employees, Nigel put the most effort that contributed to Runway’s success. He deserved the position more than anyone else.

Example 3

Miranda's attitude was rude, and one that frustrated her subordinates. For instance, Andrea could not stand the fact she would throw her coat and bag each morning she came in for work.

Relation: (Organization Commitment)

Although on many occasions, Miranda annoyed Emily and Andrea since they worked closest to her, they remained committed to the job. This is a demonstration of organization commitment, even under pressure. Miranda is not as effective as a leader because of her rude behavior.

Example 4

Andrea did not have experience in the fashion world, therefore subjecting her to scorn and gossip by her co-workers, especially Emily, on her first day at work. Throughout the movie, Emily maltreats Andrea through scornful words.

Relation to text: (Job performance)

Emily’s attitude towards Andrea would have hindered her accomplishment of company goals since it created an uncomfortable working environment. Emily was not willing to take Andrea through on company activities.


Organizational progress is dependent on the work environment. Companies need to establish strategies that will enable employees to gain satisfaction and be committed to their work. Although we don’t get everything we desire in life, they need to try and meet employee expectations to foster performance. 

10 Jun 2021
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