Analysis Of The Outcomes Of Drought In Qaatif And Initiatives To Solve Them


Qaatif- an oasis city, located in the eastern province of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, recently got impacted by an unexpected drought, bringing the general livelihood of people in a stake. Qaatif is full of rich agricultural soil, surrounded by a jungle of palm trees. In the spring season, Generally, Oasis is abundant with resources in the spring, but this year the unexpected drought has changed the normal scenario. According to situations, the after-effects of this unexpected drought might extend throughout the spring and perhaps summer as well. People in the entire community have already started facing a shortage of resources like water and proper agriculture. Sooner or later, the community must have to come up with an innovative justice-oriented farming technique to cover-up with the losses faced by the general public.


According to the depth of the situation, these are the primary analytics that came throughout the situation:

  1. Lack of water (drinking and domestic usage)
  2. Unusual weather conditions
  3. Unhealthy living conditions
  4. Increase in diseases
  5. Malnutrition
  6. No agricultural production


Qaatif has always been a land of rich agricultural farming and government job opportunities. Almost 80% of the population is indulged into farming. Thus very likely, justice-oriented farming was supposed to be the best outcome for the present scenario.

  1. Fish Market: Being an oasis city, Qaatif has always been a land of rich fish market and pisciculture as well. In the situation of drought, it will definitely be difficult for the fishermen to continue with their regular farming. Since the Qaatif fishing port attracts catches from all ports of the Arabian Gulf, the fisherman can fetch or import different fish breeds from external areas of Qateef or from its outskirts which have not been drought-hit. This can lead to the improvement in earnings as well as the food resources. For the time being, the rise in pisciculture in this area can help in getting the help of extended population in the neighborhood cities and people out there. Anywhere in business, increasing the source levels always help in increasing the profits on both ends.
  2. Khamee's Market: Looking into historic disasters that took place in several places, it has mostly been observed that handicrafts and hand-made products help a lot in regaining the economy of the affected areas. The major reason behind this is these kind of handicraft businesses do not majorly require any back-end financial investors. Market research is very minimal in these kind of businesses. All that is required to conduct the business properly is to give quality assurance and affordable pricing. Khamee's market consists of a number of serial stalls who host these kind of handicraft works, it really works though.
  3. Pearl Trading: Arabian countries have always been very rich in ornamental resources like pearls and diamonds. Though drought-hit, pearl trading can also be an effective method to compensate the losses. Trading of pearls and diamonds will always fetch huge income and definite improvement in monetary losses. Neighborhood cities will definitely be attracted by the expensive items and will also improve in the handicrafts business. Pearl trading will also not depend on the lack of resources like water, rather can come up to be a preferred solution for the current scenario.


  1. According to the situations, the fish-market and pisciculture after the drought attack would be difficult for the local fishermen. Though being a difficult cover-up, it is equally important for the local people to stand together and compensate the losses occurred. Since fish-market is a blooming business in Arabian countries, it can always fetch good monitory improvements as well as, can bring down investors from outskirts and neighborhood cities which, at the end of the day, will improve the present problems and situations in a faster pace.
  2. Khamee's Market is a low-investment business strategy, which is not too much dependent on natural resources which are presently lacking in Qaatif. Handicrafts, a major of the Khamee's market, is completely dependent on the quality of the products made and proper distribution in the nearby cities. At the same time, it will help in bringing all the local people into working together and equal contributions in the upliftment of the current state of the city. Be it any natural calamity, it is very important for the entire population of the area to equally contribute in the losses occurred.
  3. Arabian countries being culturally rich with pearls and diamonds, it becomes a great boon for the public to use its importance as a medium of compensating the losses occurred. There is no certain market research required for it, rather they will just have to hit the interested and in-demand cities or areas to have proper monitory improvements.


  1. Looking into the overall analysis, all the three above-mentioned problem-solving methods can be really effective in overcoming the consequences faced at any affected areas by natural calamities.
  2. Business strategies like pisciculture and khamee's market are major examples of justice-oriented farming since these farming methods do not always require much of back-end financial investors or in-depth market research.
  3. These strategies help in a lot of ways like- self-employment, gathering back of resources and proper monitory compensation.
  4. Pearl trading includes a bit of investment and minor market-research, and once it hits the grey-areas and interests of the higher-class population, it can have a major indulgement in the market. At the same time, it will also be a major in monitory compensations.


On an overall analysis, we come to know about a lot of consequences faced by areas hit by natural calamities. Natural calamities are always unexpected and can never be pre-assumed. But as they say, every problem or situation has to have a mandatory solution at the end to settle things down in a proper way. If not calculated before time, compensating from natural calamities can always be helpful if the entire affected population comes into the rescue of the consequences faced. Global and environmental awareness are mandatory these days. Every person should be aware of the consequences caused after natural calamities hit unexpectedly. Justice-oriented farming is an effective method to compensate on the losses caused by this kind of unexpected issues, where all the problem-solving methods come across with peace and harmony among the affected population.

15 July 2020
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