Analysis Of Themes Presented In The Play Hamlet

William Shakespeare, is a huge influence to English literature. He has influenced the writing in the world today for the better. He has several important works of writing, one of which is the play Hamlet. There are many themes throughout the play. The themes of revenge vs. religion, appearance vs. reality, and the impact of action and inaction. In Hamlet it is very clear that whether someone takes action or not, everyone eventually dies.

In Act I Scene I a ghost continuously appears and disappears. All the men are afraid of the ghost, expect for one, Horatio. He has the courage and takes action when everyone is a coward. He said to the ghost, ‘“Stay! speak, speak! I charge thee speak!’”. Horatio not only talks to the ghost, but he also commands it. Horatio is a man who takes action, unlike Hamlet who struggles to take action.

Hamlet’s father recently passed and everyone has either moved on from the death of the king, or wants to leave it. However, Hamlet is unable to move on from the death of his father. Mourning is a natural response to death; however, Hamlet seems to do nothing to improve his attitude. Since the loss of his father, Hamlet has sheltered himself from everyone and seems to only surround himself with heartache. ‘“Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder’”. Hamlet continuously contemplates what to do. He feels the need to get revenge for what was done to his father. However, Hamlet’s words and feelings never lead to any action.

As the play goes on it is very evident that Hamlet does not value his life. Quite honestly, he seems to want to die rather than live any longer. “‘Will you walk out of the air, my lord? Into my grave?’”. Hamlet realizes the fact that he is stalling his action of revenge. He is too emotional to take action against Claudius. However, this does not change anything. Hamlet still does not take any action on his own. In Act III Hamlet’s depression and desire to commit suicide seems to increase. “‘To be, or not to be, - that is the question’”. Hamlet is very tempted to commit suicide, but yet again he does not take any action. At first Hamlet could not decide to kill Claudius, and now he cannot decide on whether he should take his own life of not. Hamlet is a man who never takes action. He feels the only way to get out of killing Claudius is to kill himself, but he cannot even do that.

Laertes saw that Hamlet was not taking any action, so he decided to take matters into his own hands. Laertes took action against Claudius. He only slightly believed that Claudius was responsible for the death of Polonius, however, he took immediate action. ‘“My thoughts be bloody, or be nothing worth!’”. Hamlet realizes that he is only a man of ideas, but never action. Hamlet knew that his uncle was a murderer, but he did not take any action. It truly shows the type of man Hamlet truly is. Laertes made a very rash decision which lead him to feel guilty. Throughout the play Hamlet does not take action and he regrets it, but this shows that taking action does not guarantee satisfaction.

Hamlet is a very important play that has changed the world of literature. Hamlet is a very indecisive man who does not take action, however, almost all of the other men in the story seem to take action almost immediately, even if they do not have a valid reason. Throughout the story Hamlet contemplates getting revenge, however, he never takes any action. However, Laertes took action almost immediately. Hamlet’s lack of action lead to Laertes to kill Claudius, and Laertes’ action lead to the death of Claudius. Just because Laertes took action it does not mean that he did the right thing. Before someone takes any action he must consider all things so that he does not regret anything.

16 December 2021
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